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Correct the color of your video

Match different videos directly during the editing process, or set white balance in a few easy steps. Learn everything you need to know about the different types of color correction, as well as how to apply them. This step-by-step guide enables you to achieve the best possible results when color correcting your video.

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Color correction and brightness/contrast correction for flowers

Color correction and brightness/contrast correction

Color correction and brightness/contrast correction are two different methods for adjusting the color of videos. While it is possible to use the two methods separately, it's better to combine them. Read about how to use these kinds of correction the right way here.

Displays white balance using a flower

Setting white balance manually

Natural light conditions change constantly, which makes the colors in your video look different at different times. Here you can learn how to match the colors of your video in just a few easy steps by using white balance.

Illustration of making video brighter with gamma correction in a flower image

The easy way
to brighten up videos!

When you want to make a video brighter, there's more to it than just turning up the brightness slider. Gamma correction plays an essential role here. This step-by-step guide shows you how to make videos brighter using gamma correction, easily and in no time at all.