Video Pro X15
Save big on the previous version

Intuitive video editing in just a few steps

Take advantage of this last chance now to get last year's version! Video Pro X15 comes with numerous tools and effects for premium video production. And save big – for a limited time only!

1. Import

Importing your videos, audio files and photos is simple – just drag and drop them into the timeline. Video Pro X supports all standard formats.

2. Cut

The innovative high-speed timeline allows you to navigate and work smoothly in large projects. It also lets you work with 3-point editing.

3. Color and effects

Add the finishing touches to your movies with tons of intuitive effects and color grading. With Video Pro X, you also get access to a library of over 1,500 creative content items!

4. Music & sound

Video Pro X delivers all the tools you need for editing audio and creating a professional soundtrack. With a subscription, you can also access free sound effects and royalty-free music.

5. Export

Thanks to the INFUSION Engine 3, your video can then be exported lightning-fast, ready to share with friends, family or online.

Key features in this version

Revamped program interface

Brand-new program interface

The streamlined design ensures more clarity while working. Fonts & icons are even clearer and easier to read thanks to higher contrast.

New zoom feature

Zoom in with the mouse and use the tracker to work more precisely in the preview monitor and view details better.

Edit in the preview window

Select objects in the video preview and adjust them instantly without first having to find them in the Timeline.

MAGIX Hub – now fully integrated


Subscription users can access their user profile, MAGIX Content and the new online help directly from the Media Pool.

AV1 codec: Compression without loss of quality

Save a huge amount of hard drive space without sacrificing your movies' quality thanks to revolutionary AV1 encoding. The improved INFUSION Engine 3 provides even more stability and performance for every step of the video editing process, helping you finish your work faster than ever before.

The most stable video engine to date

The enhanced INFUSION Engine 3 offers more stability and performance for all video editing steps and gets you impressive results lightning fast.

MAGIX Video Pro X15
Save 46%
MAGIX Video Pro X15
Regularly €299.00 €159.00

Produce high-quality videos – quick and easy. Video Pro X gives you all the tools you need to edit video. No other video editing software gets you professional results faster and easier.

Available until 30 July 2024

New – Version 16
AI tools and subscription features for any task

AI Text-to-speech & Speech-to-text

AI Text-to-speech & Speech-to-text

Text-to-speech transforms your texts into lifelike audio commentaries. Use Speech-to-text to generate ultra-accurate subtitles based on your audio track – all in matter of seconds and in over 100 languages.

AI Style Transfer & Colorize

Gain more creative power! Style Transfer transforms your material to look like world-famous artists in just one click, and Colorize adds true-to-life color to your analog black and white footage.

NewBlue effect suite

NewBlue effect suite

More than 25 effects by NewBlue boost your creativity to a new level. Easily apply the effects using presets and edit the details for impressive results.