Sequoia Pro 17
The engineers' choice

Live and classical productions
Innovative editing workflow

Precision, timing and recording authenticity take top priority for live recordings. Sequoia Pro offers innovative functions such as source/destination cut and multi-sync editing, allowing you to combine the best parts from different takes and create an authentically reproduced track in no time at all. It can all be done in real time thanks to the program's reliable performance.

Source/Destination editing

Combine different recordings to create the perfect final version. Two display areas enable you to view and play back source and destination tracks simultaneously. Material in both areas can be navigated, zoomed and played independently. You can navigate to the source material during playback in the destination area to position markers for the next cut.

Multi-synchronous cut (MuSyC)

Simplify the search for similar musical sections and accelerate your editing process. MuSyC allows you to make cuts and precise adjustments to sound, even in takes recorded at slightly different tempos. Cuts are always made at the correct position, removing the need to search for the beginnings of alternative recordings. You can then continue editing the finished project right away.

Advanced crossfade editor

Adjust cuts with precision and create flawless transitions between objects. All crossfades are computed in real time, meaning modifications are immediate and can be played without any intermediate calculations or delay. Even unused material remains visible and can be monitored if necessary – allowing for highly precise adjustments to the transition.

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Sequoia Pro 17
Sequoia Pro 17

Sequoia Pro 17 The engineers' choice

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