SOUND FORGE Audio Studio & Pro:
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Browse the latest SOUND FORGE Audio Studio and SOUND FORGE Pro video tutorials, hands-on projects, and more. Ranging from beginner to advanced, these tutorials provide basics, new features, plus tips and techniques.

Getting Started


This introductory video will show you the basic functions in SOUND FORGE. We'll load and play some audio files and also optimize their sound. We will set CD track markers and export the material as an MP3 song list and as an audio CD.

Basic Functions


Record new material using SOUND FORGE and a microphone. We'll show you you how you can set levels, conduct a recording and check the audio file afterwards.

Editing essentials

Learn all the editing basics in SOUND FORGE - how to delete, cut and copy audio files and move them to a different location.

Event editing

Event editing mode lets you move and crossfade individual ranges or entire songs non-destructively. This video will show you how.

Effect editing

Audio effects like reverb or echo can be applied to an entire file or to a specific range. This video clip also shows you how to modify an effects sequence and integrate VST plug-ins.

Markers and regions

Markers and regions are for marking certain locations in the material so for later access. This video show you how to use markers and regions.

Digitize vinyl and restore recordings

How can you you safeguard your record collection against the ravages of time? We'll show you how to record vinyl and restore its sound.

Convert files

This video shows you how to convert audio files to different formats using the Batch Converter.