Make your own beats with Music Maker

A catchy beat is the basis for any good song.

This isn't just true for hip hop, but also for other music genres such as disco, pop or rock. Especially producers of hip hop music put much consideration into finding just the right beat. You don't have to be a professional music producer to create your own beats and make music yourself. With the right software such as Music Maker even beginners can make their own beats.

Simply install the program and start creating beats! The music editing program Music Maker allows users to get started right away. Operating the program is so easy to learn that even beginners can immediately start making their own beats. Directly after installation, soundloops can be arranged and combined to create a unique beat. With thousands of loops included from various genres that can be combined with each other there are no limits. Additionally, the drum machines included in the program such as Beat Box 2 allow you to create entirely unique grooves. With the various drum kits, sounds and effects you can create and record beats just as you like.

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Make your own beats now! - Even without any prior knowledge of digital music production

Expand the sound archive with the Soundpool DVD Collections from MAGIX for an even more diverse assortment of grooves. The help feature and descriptive tutorials offer additional tips and answer questions concerning the program functions. You'll be creating your own beats in no time!

100 % your beats. 100 % legal. The advantage with software like Music Maker that include numerous drumloops and basslines is that the music you create can be published legally as long as no commercial aims are being pursued. Users with free software that does not contain any soundpools have to resort to other sources. Here it is important when making your own beats that they are produced legally. This is also important, for example, when samples are used from other songs by other artists. Otherwise it can easily cause problems if a completed song, for example, is published on online video platforms or in a beat or hip-hop community and an artist then becomes aware of the copyright infringement. What was initially free could then become pretty expensive.

Music Maker is the ideal software for beginners to make their own beats. The wide range of program features allow you to not only combine various professional sounds, but you can also make your own beats all on your own, enhance them with effects, mix the completed project and then publish it online, on a CD or DVD. Additionally, you can record your own melodies and vocals with virtual instruments, synthesizers and sequencers and take your beats to the next level.


MUSIC MAKER offers a modern, easy-going way of creating music. Now you can produce your own songs — without any experience or watching tutorials for hours. You don’t need expensive equipment either. It’s fun, intuitive and delivers amazing results in minutes.

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