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Software for digitizing
editing and optimizing your audio.

The Cleaning Lab range

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

The classic program for simplified audio restoration with excellent presets, spectral display and detailed effects editing.

  • 290 presets for restoring audio
  • Digital remastering for music
  • Automatic sound optimization
  • Record at 44.1 kHz
  • 1 track
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MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Optimize sound the easy way in videos from camcorders, action cams, digitized VHS recordings and smartphones.

  • 150 presets for optimizing video sound
  • Video Sound Optimizer
  • Detailed effects editing
  • Video monitor
  • 2 tracks
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MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes! 2016

This combination of a preamp and software offers you multiple possibilities to edit and optimize the sound from your LPs & cassettes after recording.

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MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium

The best choice for professional audio editing for videos, music, audio streams and speech.

  • Video sound optimization
  • 6 additional effects plug-ins
  • VST2 interface
  • 6,000 Internet radio stations
  • Record at 96 kHz/ 24-bit
  • Professional range editing
  • 360 presets
  • Spectral display
  • Detailed effects editing
  • 4 tracks
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Everything you need for outstanding audio editing

Digitize analog recording devices, record speech, cut audio files, remove noise or convert files to different formats with the MAGIX Cleaning Lab software range. Experience your video and audio recordings in amazing sound quality.