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Photo & Graphic Designer

Note: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is a later version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11. Some videos may show the program interface from the previous version. The features that are shown have not been changed.

Getting started


This introductory video will give you an overview of the most important basic features. We will load photos, as well as optimize and position them on a page, add headlines and print everything out.

Photo editing

Optimizing photos

Everything you need to know about brightness, contrast, shadows and light, saturation, color temperature, etc. We'll show you how to optimize individual photos, as well as entire photo series sequentially.

Retouching photos

How do you remove tiny problems from photos in an unobtrusive way? In this video, we'll show you two options for doing this: The retouching tool and Magic Erase.

Editing image areas

It is often the case that you want to change specific areas of an image. Other areas of the image need to be protected when doing this. In this video, we'll show you different ways of effectively masking photos.

Creative effects

In the Live Effects tool you'll find lots of features for applying artistic effects to your photos. We'll show you three examples: Orton, Lomo and the artistic filter.


Vignettes create dynamic effect transitions. This allows the borders to contain a different effects setting than the center of the image. We'll show you how to create these types of vignettes.

Graphic design

Page Design

We'll show you how to use simple graphics for page columns, assign colors and design text.

Effects for graphics

Both graphics and letters can be assigned effects. We'll show you the fillings, shadows and edges of a text.

Lines & shapes

Lines and forms are the basis of every graphic in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. This video will give you an introduction to this idea.