MAGIX Introduces Significant Performance and Workflow Improvements with the Launch of Samplitude Pro X8

Samplitude Pro X8 and the Pro X8 Suite Deliver Industry-Leading Intelligent Visualization and Object-Oriented Effects; Advanced Spectral Cleaning, Comping and AudioWarp Features Enhance Award-Winning DAW.


Berlin, Germany (June 5, 2023) - MAGIX Software announced today a major new update to its award-winning recording, restoration and mastering platform with the launch of Samplitude Pro X8 and the Pro X8 Suite. For nearly three decades, Samplitude Pro X has pioneered the developement of sophisticated mastering and precise editing solutions for musicians and professional audio engineers alike. The industry-unique audio engine is famous for delivering pure, unadulterated sound with maximum clarity, setting new standards in the professional audio sector.

Samplitude Pro X delivers professional capabilities on all stages of production, empowering musicians and audio engineers of any skill level to complete an entire production from recording and mixing to exporting the final master files.

The vast feature set of Samplitude Pro X notably includes:

  • Object-oriented Effects: Virtual effects can be applied non-destructively on different objects within a single clip. This industry-unique feature makes it possible to use different effect chains on the same track - a massive time saver;
  • Spectral Processing: Automatically cleans the audio signal from unwanted background noise, with the option to search for similar audio material in the project to speed up the cleaning process;
  • Loudness Visualization: Machine-learning based representation of loudness and volume, helping users to control the perception of sound by the human ear. Includes special presets for broadcasting - perfect for radio stations;
  • Wave Form Coloring: Clearly shows harmonic and inharmonic frequency content, making it easy to differentiate between noise and tones, and simplifying the identification and correction of any issues;
  • Monitoring Panel: Helps users to optimize for any quality of speaker, so they can confidently mix and master their tracks accordingly.

What's New in Samplitude Pro X8

Samplitude Pro X8 introduces a number of new features designed to further simplify the audio design workflow for enthusiasts and professionals alike, including:

  • Comping - Simplifies the recording workflow by providing a convenient way to select the best from multiple takes and seamlessly merge them into a whole. Automatic grouping speeds up the process and enhances the intuitive approach;
  • AudioWarp - Eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly post-processing. The timing of audio can be easily corrected, and individual segments can be revisited as needed. Advanced time-stretch algorithms ensure excellent sound quality;
  • Multi Codec Export - Allows for simultaneous export of multiple target formats and codecs with a single click. Configurable settings can be saved in presets, significantly streamlining the workflow;
  • Marker Track - By using color-coded markers on multiple lanes, users can keep a perfect overview of their project and all relevant information, including collective moving and editing for comfortable organization.

Pricing and Availability

Samplitude Pro X8 and Samplitude Pro X8 Suite are available immediately as either a perpetual license, or as a subscription, and are priced as follows:

Samplitude Pro X8

  • Perpetual License: $399.00
  • Prepaid 12 month subscription: $14.99/month
  • Month to month subscription: $27.99/month

Samplitude Pro X8 Suite

  • Perpetual License: $599.00
  • Prepaid 12 month subscription: $19.99/month

For more information or to purchase Samplitude Pro X8 and the Pro X8 Suite, please visit our website.