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There are various options available for PC tune up.

Complex post-production tasks in video editing or on how to make music, in particular, require a lot of processing power.Sooner or later, every PC will become slower because huge amounts of superfluous data are accumulated and saved. This takes up free space and causes the PC to become slower when trying to access other data on your hard drive.To counteract this, computer specialists can manually adjust the auto-start function of your PC and prevent additional programs to be opened during PC start-up. However, this is only a short-lived solution to improve your PC's speed. A program such as simplifast, specifically designed to target such problems, is a lot more effective.

As soon as you install the software, the program will start optimizing your PC's performance. To accelerate your computer, the system's weaknesses first have to be detected. simplifast detects features which slow down your PC, such as superfluous Windows services, and can turn them off if they are not needed. The program also cleans up your hard drive: a single click is all it takes to remove unnecessary and temporary files. After accelerating your PC with the automatic PC tuning function, a system Live Check constantly monitors your computer's performance, similar to an anti-virus software. The program immediately detects if your PC's performance is deteriorating and takes necessary steps to counteract this.

PC Check & Tuning

Effective PC tune up with the right software

Live Check also automatically informs you as soon as hardware driver updates are available. Since hardware drivers are important in determining how well hardware and software work together, this is an effective way to prevent problems and ensure optimum PC speed. Although this software package covers virtually all areas of PC tune up, you still remain in full control: you can decide individually which type of PC tune up is the right one for your system and can activate or deactivate functions according to your needs. If you surf the web regularly, you should also activate the DSL tuning feature. It's easy to lose track of your browser's settings and functions, but thanks to this automatic optimization function you can maintain high Internet speed. With the right software, PC tune up is child's play and doesn't take a lot of effort.

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