Welcome to MAGIX!

In May 2016, MAGIX purchased the majority of Sony Creative Software products and has committed itself to continue to develop the products that you know and love. We are excited to move forward with you into the future of multimedia.

For more information on the products and communities MAGIX has acquired from Sony Creative Software, please visit the following MAGIX websites:






Please note that some products are currently not available on MAGIX websites. These include VEGAS Pro Connect, Sound Forge Mac, Audio Master Suite Mac, ACID Xpress, Sound Series Production Music, Sound Series loops & samples and the Noise Reduction audio plug-in. We are currently working on making these products available to you as soon as possible.

Downloading older versions

Following its purchase by MAGIX, Sony Creative Software has discontinued support for older versions. If you have questions or require help with regards to the discontinuation, please contact our customer support.

Alternatively, you can purchase the latest version of your software for a special upgrade price. Simply send an email with the serial number for your program version to upgrade@magix.com in order to access the upgrade offer.

Communities & Customer service

MAGIX understands the importance and value of the online communities. That is why we will continue to facilitate and build the forums for users to easily exchange tips and technical knowledge.

Please go to the portals to learn how you can continue using your existing SCS account to login to the MAGIX forums.

Please contact our customer support if you have any questions.

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Press Release, May 20th, 2016