Find the appropriate multimedia software for every situation

Multimedia software was developed to create new multimedia content and enhance the visual and auditory features of already existing material.

As its name implies, multimedia software always involves several types of media that are interlinked with each other. The term media is understood to include music, videos and animated images that have been created and optimized using multimedia software. Multimedia software is often used in multimedia presentations, which integrate and connect all of the above-mentioned elements. This helps to liven up what has been said and makes it easier to present ideas more effectively.

Adding background music is recommended as a first step, as it doesn’t take much time, yet can have a remarkable effect on any presentation. It’s important to find a music software package that lets you make music that fits the purpose. MAGIX Music Maker is an ideal choice because, depending on your needs, it allows you to optimize already existing MP3s or create new tracks on your PC. Multimedia software is also relevant for animated images. A distinction is made here between videos and animated sequences of images, so-called slideshows. Creating slideshows usually involves photo editing; raw images are edited digitally and enriched by adding different filters and effects. Subsequently applying the appropriate multimedia software, such as MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD, can make your photos come alive. The result is a digital slideshow that presents the images in the desired sequence, adds artistic fades and, if desired, music. This procedure is reminiscent of digital video editing that uses the same approach. After the video editing by using e.g. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro the edited raw footage is enriched by adding different elements and effects, allowing you to wrap up your video with style.

Multimedia Screen

Animated images – Multimedia software for slideshows and videos

The completed slideshows and videos can be used for presentations or can simply be enjoyed as multimedia works of art. It should be noted, however, that all of these multimedia contents should be edited using the appropriate multimedia software.

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