The new Sequoia 15 – with 3D Surround workflow and advanced multi-channel editing

With new features in 3D Surround and multi-channel editing, plug-in workflow as well as automation handling, MAGIX continues to set new standards for high-end audio production.


The release of Sequoia 15 by MAGIX Software represents a milestone in the high-end audio sector. One of the leading software solutions for audio production, broadcasting, post-production and mastering, high-definition DAW Sequoia is used by TV and radio broadcasters, renowned studios and artists all over the world. Designed with the requirements of professional users in mind, Version 15 offers a whole range of new features, including tools for 3D Surround with up to 32 channels per track and an advanced Surround workflow, automation processing and plug-in handling, plus improved integration of AVID Eucon S6 controller. 


"Sequoia has offered sophisticated solutions for ambitious, professional audio productions for decades and Version 15 is no exception", says Clemens Weinhold, Sequoia Product Owner. "Sequoia 15 features an impressive range of new 3D Surround workflows and functions, among other optimizations.“


With new features for Surround, audio material in Sequoia 15 can be mixed with any number of Surround masters in a single project and on up to 32 channels per track. The 3D Surround Panner allows for better display and control when positioning highs for virtual sound sources in a new, clearer view. Another new feature is VBAP positioning mode (Vector Base Amplitude Panning), which enables users to create Surround setup phantom sources with high sound localization acuity.

Automated track parameters such as volume, panorama or VST effect parameters can now also be visualized and edited in lanes inside an audio track. Control elements in the track header offer lots of options for operating and switching the parameters. Also, Version 15 offers simultaneous multiple format export in a wide range of channel formats and codec configurations.

A range of additional new features and optimizations are included in Sequoia 15, such as a new plug-in browser for faster access to all effect and instrument plug-ins, multicore handling with support for up to 32 CPU cores and the option to boost ASIO priority to maximize CPU usage, new MIDI functions for external devices and MIDI workflow improvements as well as advanced compatibility with Avid® Pro Tools | S6 controllers – for higher efficiency and more precise results.

With the full version of revolutionary audio editor SpectraLayers Pro 5 included, plus built-in spectral cleaning and a whole range of high-end plug-ins for audio editing, Sequoia 15 enables new kinds of workflow for audio restoration, sound design, mixing and mastering.


All new features at a glance:

  • 3D Surround with up to 32 channels per track
  • Advanced Surround workflow including multiple Surround masters in a single project
  • Automation Lanes for optimal control and overview of track automation data
  • New functionality with AVID Eucon S6 controller
  • Multiple format export: Automatic export for various channel formats, codecs and other options
  • Support for CPUs with up to 32 cores
  • Plug-in browser for quick and efficient searches for effects and instruments
  • New MIDI editing functions and enhanced MIDI workflow
  • SpectraLayers Pro 5 full version


Prices and availability:

  • Sequoia 15 – £2499.00


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