MAGIX Video saver!
MAGIX Video saver! Digitize and preserve your home movies for life
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  • MAGIX Video easy HD Rescue Your Video Tapes! edition
  • Practical SCART adapter for the VCR
  • High-quality USB video converter
  • Supports all standard analog formats
  • Automatic image optimization and stabilization
Valid until September 29, 2021

Tips & Tricks
Tutorial videos

The Rescue Your Videotapes! first steps – with crystal clear explanations. The tutorial videos provide you with important tips & tricks about all program functions. It's the fastest way to digitize your own videos!


Introductory video

This short introductory video shows you how easy it is to connect your VHS recorder to your computer using the hardware included with MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes! We'll also show you how recording videotapes in the included software works and how to edit your footage afterwards.

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The MAGIX Multimedia Community is the place for current discussions on Web design, photo editing, video editing and music production. The core of this portal is the mutual exchange of creative works, program features, and tips & tricks.

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MAGIX Video saver!
Save 25%
MAGIX Video saver!
Regularly €59.99 €44.99
Valid until September 29, 2021