Video Saver!:
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Digitalization made easy! Our tutorial videos show you how to transfer recordings from video cassettes to your computer quickly and easily.

Note: The use of MAGIX Video Saver! and MAGIX Video easy is basically identical. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab ist only available in the premium version of Video Saver!.

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1. Introduction

Video Saver!

This short introductory video shows you how easy it is to connect your VHS recorder to your computer using the hardware included with MAGIX Video Saver! We'll also show you how recording videotapes in the included software works and how to edit your footage afterwards.

2. Basic functions

Video Sound Cleaning Lab

This introductory video will show you how to quickly remove bothersome noises from your videos. Video Sound Cleaning Lab offers tons of tools for fixing a wide range of problems. We'll also show you how you can export the finished video once you've finished cleaning it.