New version of VEGAS Pro redefines efficiency in creative video production

VEGAS Pro 17 comes with more than 30 new features that make editing faster than ever and open up completely new creative possibilities.


VEGAS Creative Software today released the new version of the award-winning video editing Software VEGAS Pro. With more than 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 17 hits a new milestone in high-performance video editing. Comprehensive workflow improvements and innovative creative tools, supercharge video production.

"There's a lot of excitement with this release of VEGAS Pro 17," says Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Product Manager. "More than any other release, our users have directed what our team has developed in this version. They've been completely clear about what they wanted to see from the software over the past three years, and their suggestions have made this an incredibly robust and feature-rich release. This version further solidifies the VEGAS Pro reputation as the fastest, most efficient cutting tool on the market."


More efficient workflows

The new Nested Timeline feature brings organization to complex projects. Projects can be organized with nested timelines for important sections, and the user can freely move from the master edit into nested timeline edits. The master timeline stays clean and uncluttered regardless of how complex the nested timelines become. The innovative uniquely VEGAS approach makes it possible for the project owner to share nested timelines as separate project files with assistants who can do their work independently while the own maintains complete control of the master project. The user can also add video effects, compositing, and other edits to the nested timeline at the master project level to automatically apply them to the entire nested sequence.

The new Unified Color Grading workflow integrates all important grading tools in one logically organized panel. The colorist or editor can quickly jump between different events in the timeline to instantly begin grading the next event. And the editor can easily export the color settings as LUTs to be used elsewhere in VEGAS or anywhere else LUTs are supported. That way, settings can easily be applied to other clips or even to other projects.

With HLG HDR Color Support VEGAS Pro 17 continues to lead the way in HDR editing in a start-to-finish workflow. GPU-based open color I/O processing works in the new ACES 1.1 color space, including both HDR10 and HLG support, HDR color grading, HDR video scopes, internal and external HDR preview, and complete HDR delivery options.

GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC now provides smoother timeline playback in VEGAS Pro. The power in graphics cards is used to preview projects more efficiently than ever, even with effects, filters, and multiple video streams.

Support for 8K files allows for a huge amount of freedom in panning, zooming, and cropping footage without resolution degradation when delivering to HD or 4K files. Or deliver in full 8K for super-high-resolution projects.

More creative possibilities

Now users can create even slower and smoother slow motion with native tools built on proprietary optical flow technology that analyzes one frame to the next and then creates intermediary frames between them. Optical Flow Slow Motion delivers silky-smooth slow motion for results like never before. Tracking objects in videos and pinning other videos isn’t just for left and right and up and down or objects square to the camera anymore.

Planar Motion Tracking in VEGAS Pro 17 allows the user to track and pin objects moving in perspective, like the side of a building seen from an angle.

The new Warp Flow transition makes it possible to create unique morphing transitions. The last frame of the first clip and the first frame of the next clip are analyzed to automatically create intermediate frames for the appearance of smooth morphing of one clip to the other. The perfect tool to create cool sci-fi style morphing.

Among many other new features, VEGAS Pro now also features Smart Split Edit to hide jump cuts. Users just choose the section they want to remove, and Smart Split removes it and automatically hides the jump cut. Quickly, easily, smoothly, and automatically. The ideal and unique editing tool for interviews.

Four ways to enjoy VEGAS Pro 17

VEGAS Pro 17 is available in four versions. VEGAS Pro 17 Edit is the base option, but still offers the complete feature set including all the new features such as Nested Timelines, Unified Color Grading Workflow and HLG HDR Color Support. VEGAS Pro 17 is the standard version and comes with Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D for sophisticated Lens Flare effects, and VEGAS DVD Architect for DVD and Blu-ray authoring and burning. VEGAS Pro 17 Suite is the ultimate video and audio editing package with all the new features and professional extras including the new Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6, one of the world’s most revolutionary spectral editing platforms, Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D, Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects Unit, Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit, and Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit. With VEGAS Pro 365, users get all the power and functionality of the regular VEGAS Pro 17, but also enjoy future updates immediately upon release, plus VEGAS Pro 365 exclusive webinars and the audio editing software SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13.

Highlights of the new version:

  • NEW: Nested Timelines
  • NEW: HLG HDR Color, ACES 1.1, HDR Color grading, HDR Scopes
  • NEW: Optical-Flow Slow Motion
  • NEW: GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC
  • NEW: Planar Motion Tracking
  • NEW: LUT Export
  • NEW: Warp Flow Transition
  • NEW: Smart Split Edit
  • NEW: Support for 8K Files


VEGAS Pro 17 is now available online and in stores worldwide:

  • VEGAS Pro 17 Edit – £299.00
  • VEGAS Pro 17 – £499.00
  • VEGAS Pro 17 Suite – £649.00
  • VEGAS Pro 365 – starting at £12.42 per month


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