VR Studio 2 – The next level in professional 360° media production

The new VR Studio 2 from VEGAS Creative Software enables virtual experiences to be created from 360° videos and photos in an easier, faster and more interactive way than ever before.


A full year after the release of VR Studio, VEGAS Creative Software is launching a new version of VR Studio, the innovative solution for interactive 360° experiences. The software enables users to create virtual spaces from 360° recordings and easily stitch them together. Text, images, music, videos or sound can then be added to create entertaining, informative and realistic virtual tours that can be experienced directly in a browser or on mobile devices. VR Studio offers full support for standard VR hardware for both creating and experiencing the project.


"With VR Studio, users can create an immersive, realistic experience for locations, buildings, products or exhibitions so that visitors will feel like they're actually there. Finished projects can be published to any online platform or can be utilized offline. These virtual, interactive experiences enable users to tell stories and provide access to locations in a whole new way.", says Stefan Renz, Product Owner for VR Studio.


Integrating VR Studio into an existing workflow is simple and is not restricted to a single web service. Data and projects remain with the user and are not transferred, and they can be edited and worked on at any time.


VR Studio 2 – What's new?

Create online projects faster than ever before
Web projects can be made a reality in a matter of clicks and published online on all browsers (Windows, MacOS) and mobile platforms Android and iOS.

High-resolution images
Images can be used in resolutions as high as 32K – on both mobile devices and online browsers.

Endless creative editing options
Add videos, photos and text and have them enlarge, rotate, colorize or display minimized. Minimized elements only open when activated by the visitor.

Integrate external websites
Add clickable elements for quick access to external websites such as online shops.It's easy to integrate these for access from directly within a virtual tour.

Optimized user navigation
Quick navigation and a new table of contents make it easier for visitors to move through virtual worlds.

Smooth transitions
In VR Studio 2 you can select from a range of dissolves for creating transitions between new 360° spaces, making a tour a smoother, more aesthetic experience without any unattractive loading bars.

Video cutting
After trimming video material, videos will be recalculated for export as an online project or for direct transfer to mobile devices, which saves valuable time when the video is loading.

Arrange elements in space
Elements such as text dissolves, photos or sounds can now be arranged on top of or behind one other in virtual space. This lets users create even more impressive virtual experiences.


VR Studio 2 is available now in the following versions:

  • VR Studio 2 – £189.00
  • VR Studio 365 – from £7.99 per month


Learn more about VR Studio 2: www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vr-studio/