The action cam software for great adventures

Action cam software gives you to tools to optimize your adventure videos. The software allows you to fully concentrate on the moment instead of worrying about light, blurry footage or distortion.

With MAGIX Fastcut you can easily and professionally edit all your action videos. This action cam software enables you to edit and perfect action-packed videos from an amazing parachute descent or from an exhilarating motocross race. You can then easily upload the completed video directly from the program to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or showfy and share it with friends.

This high-quality software for action cams such as GoPro is easy to use for both advanced users as well as for beginners due to its clean interface and intuitive buttons. Major and minor flaws in the video recordings are corrected thanks to the software from MAGIX. This allows you to create a stunning action video with stabilized images and optimized sound.

High-quality unique videos with the action cam software Fastcut. Stand out in the crowd and impress friends and family. Thanks to this camera software, it is easy to stabilize videos and reduce shaky footage down to a minimum. Correct your videos and give them your very own touch with the numerous effects. Image stabilization is just one of many useful tools available. It's also easy to correct the fisheye effect in videos recorded in wide format without loss of quality. With all these great features, all you need to do is stay concentrated on your adventure - not the camera.

Greatly enhance the quality of your videos with the numerous features and effects available with this action cam software. Other great features available in Fastcut include:

  • Numerous editing templates, to quickly create action videos

  • Video effects, such as vintage look, black and white and many more

  • Slow-motion function, which provides a great picture and smooth video play even at extreme values

  • Optimized audio filters, which reduces, for example, strong wind noises

This software for action cams is the ideal accessory for amateur filmmakers and adrenaline junkies. Thanks to its numerous features, it's the perfect tool to manage, optimize and share footage online from your latest adventure. Its ease of use allows even beginners to get started right away with creating outstanding action videos.

Fastcut Screen

High-quality action cam videos

Create action videos just the way you like with MAGIX Fastcut. All of your videos are presented in impressive quality and can be enhanced how you want. Try for yourself and go on an awesome adventure.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021