Redefining Sound Effects

Normally, we think of sound effects as the shocking additions to an audio reel.

The zooms, splashes, plops and kabooms that rock the massive speaker systems in large cinemas are where our minds immediately travel. There is, however, another quite important side of sound enhancement. It is what gets subtracted from the original recording. The fuzzy noises, static din, and extraneous voices have to be removed with movie making software from any major film before the additional effects can be inserted. This process is what makes watching a film so clear, crisp and enjoyable. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab brings this essential step to any filmmaker who wants to polish his film with precision and ease.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2017

When you are trying to make a HD video, the last thing you want is to have to learn a whole new program. The video software you use should be adapted to your needs, not the other way around. Video Sound Cleaning Lab fulfills this requirement and more. It is compatible with any type of file or camera you would like to import and improve. After you are done, you can also export either the entire video file or simply export the audio portion to give you a new dimension of flexibility. While filming, factors like wind, cacophony and various noises from the camera’s operation can get in the way of the sounds you are actually trying to record. Once these disturbances are gone, you will be able to hear the voices, music, and environmental sounds that will make your video unique and interesting. With the simplified, clear controls, you can take full control from the outset. The complex levels and settings that are required to erase these noises are packaged in a nice simple sliding control.

Video Sound Cleaning Lab Screenshot

Use Sound Effects with Ease

As an even easier option, the software offers you automatic wizards that remove the excess noises with efficiency and precision. Like in all MAGIX software, the complications and detailed technical settings of the movie effects software are left to the programmers, so your experience is easy, quick and fun. With this software, sound effects are no exception!

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Make your videos sound just as good as they look. With MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab, optimizing sound in your videos is easy. With sound effects and audio commentary options for experiencing your footage in a brand new way.