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EDM - Discharge
589 samples, 895 MB, 130 BPM

Turn it on. Turn it up. Freak out. This EDM tune follows the tracks laid down by artists like Tiesto and it does the job of getting crowds moving with its snapping claps, synths full of raging party and rolling basslines. When the didgeridoo kicks in, there's no holding back.

All audio files are available in lossless WAV format (16 bit/ 44.1 kHz/ Stereo) and can be used without a license for non-commercial purposes. Pro licenses for Soundpools can be found at catooh.com.

  • 56 bass loops
    8 loops in 7 pitches
  • 6 drum kits with variations
  • 84 FX loops
    12 loops in 7 pitches
  • 9 FX loops
    for all pitches
  • 28 pad loops
    4 loops in 7 pitches
  • 5 percussion loops
    for all pitches
  • 112 sequence loops
    16 loops in 7 pitches
  • 210 synth loops
    30 loops in 7 pitches