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J Pop - Super Kawaii
647 samples, 674 MB, 140 BPM

Colorful and playful pop music from the country that's brought us anime and emoji. A booming groove and minimalist 8-bit sounds are combined with dreamlike female Japanese vocals.

This Soundpool includes 674 MB of selected original recordings from Japan, sounds in 8-bit style, abstract pads, keys, far-out synthesizers and catchy vocal loops in Japanese.

All audio files are available in lossless WAV format (16 bit/ 44.1 kHz/ Stereo) and can be used without a license for non-commercial purposes. Pro licenses for Soundpools can be found at catooh.com.

  • 119 bass loops
    17 loops in 7 pitches
  • 10 drum kits with variations
  • 32 FX loops
    for all pitches
  • 42 guitar loops
    6 loops in 7 pitches
  • 7 keys loops
    1 loop in 7 pitches
  • 21 pad loops
    3 loops in 7 pitches
  • 147 sequence loops
    21 loops in 7 pitches
  • 210 synth loops
    30 loops in 7 pitches
  • 10 vocals loops
    one complete song