June 13, 2017

How to transfer old Soundpools to a new Music Maker

Good news: You can take it with you! Recent versions of MAGIX Music Maker were designed so that your Soundpools are automatically transferred when you upgrade to a new version of our software!
That means MAGIX Music Maker becomes more and more versatile over time. Every time you upgrade, your loop library grows and you benefit from the improvements made to audio processing in the program.

Installing old Soundpools to a new Music Maker

Music Maker’s installer is designed to automatically recognize your Soundpool collection and – upon installation – to combine your new and old Soundpool libraries. During the installation of your new software, an automatic installer will transfer your Soundpools to your new version of Music Maker. Just click on the “Soundpools” tab, here you’ll find sub-directories for all of the different syles of Soundpools, in which you’ll find the various loops.

Note: In the rare case that Soundpools have not been installed in a directory which Music Maker finds automatically, you can manually add them to your library by clicking the gear in the Loops tab and selecting “Add new Soundpools…”, which will allow you to choose a folder containing your additional Soundpools.


Find new Soundpools in Music Maker

Now in Music Maker, you can add new Soundpools to your Mediapool more easily than ever before. Open the Music Maker In-App Store in your media library window located next to the “File manager” tab and simply browse for the content you wish to add by selecting “More Soundpools” or “More instruments” from the drop down menu. Once you’ve chosen a Soundpool or Soundpool Collection, or a VST-Instrument, a window will open with the price and item. You can then redeem a coupon code or make a payment with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or a debit transfer (only available with a German bank account), Then, the Soundpool or VSTi your selected will automatically be added to your Mediapool.

Find Soundpools on Producer Planet

You can also easily purchase and download Soundpools, Song Collections, virtual instruments and plug-ins for use in Music Maker from producerplanet.com. Simply extract the compressed files and manually add them to your library by clicking the gear in the Loops tab and selecting “Add new Soundpools…”, which will allow you to choose a folder containing your additional Soundpools.

In addition to loads of audio content, Producer Planet also offers a wide range of multimedia content for your video projects, such as stock footage, animations and plug-ins. Most importantly perhaps, Producer Planet offers clear payment options to ensure that you purchase the correct license type for commercial use, if necessary. You can find this overview of license terms on Producer Planet here, or you can refer to our helpful explanation of licenses for commercial usage in the MAGIX Magazine here.


Catooh: The Online Media Marketplace

There are also additional Soundpools available for purchase via Catooh. Simply browse the library of Soundpools in the Catooh store and add the desired audio to your shopping cart. Once you have successfully purchased the Soundpool, you will have the option to download it. Make sure that the “Apply Media after Download” box in the bottom left-hand corner of the window is checked. This ensures that the content will automatically be added to your Music Maker’s Soundpool archive after the content has finished downloading.

Now, sit back and watch the “File download” and “Add styles” progress bars and get ready to innovate with your new Soundpools.


Fast Forward

The coming generations of Soundpool content will enhance and enrich your compositions. The larger your sound library becomes, the more freedom and flexibility your creativity will have. We are excited to hear your work and hope you share it with us!

Learn more about and download a free full version of Music Maker here.

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