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It takes time to digitize video, since transferring from VHS to DVD is only possible by playing back the entire cassette material.

Plenty of analog film material simply gets stored in the attic, in the cellar, or on the shelf in the living room. But time is running out; they should be transferred to a digital format, since the continuous development of technology has already made it difficult to purchase a new VCR. Many users are holding back from recovering their old film treasures and finally transferring them to a digital format, because they think the process is too complicated.

Videotapes are exposed to all kinds of danger. Simply just by playing them back, you could end up with "tape salad" – the tape gets stuck in the device and pulled out of the cassette, causing irreparable damage. Even kids and house pets are a constant source of danger. Videotapes are generally neglected at home. Incorrect storage in moist or warm places can lead to damage that makes the video material permanently useless. MAGIX Rescue your Videotapes offers a USB video converter that features a SCART adapter, and the program MAGIX Video easy is a complete package which guarantees the user easy transferring of their analog material to the PC. In addition to VHS cassettes, other formats may be transferred to the PC, too. The only requirement for this is a SCART connection on the analog playback device.

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Digitize video from VHS to DVD for a more secure storage medium

But digitizing isn't difficult if it's done with the right tools. That's why MAGIX offers its package Rescue your Videotapes, providing the user with easy to use PC software and the hardware required for connecting the computer to an analog playback device. So, why not digitize video over the holidays, edit it with convenient software, and then burn your old movie treasures from VHS to DVD.

MAGIX Video saver!

MAGIX Video saver!

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