MAGIX: The Easiest Way to Transfer Video to DVD

Transfer your old analog recordings from video to DVD, because there are plenty of advantages: As opposed to to VHS tapes or other analog formats, the quality of the recordings does not suffer due to frequent playback.

The average life span of VHS magnetic tape is much lower than a DVD. Additionally, since the decline of VHS popularity, it's become more difficult to purchase a VHS player.

You don't have to be an expert at video editing to digitize video. The popular Rescue your Videotapes package from the software specialists at MAGIX provides you with everything you need: A USB video converter to connect the PC to the VCR and the program, Video easy. Connect the SCART plug of the video converter to the video recorder and the USB plug to the computer, start the software, then play your movie finished!

Rescue Your Videotapes Screenshot

Transfer Your Classic Movies and Personal Recordings from Video to DVD

There are plenty of good reasons to transfer video to DVD, and MAGIX Rescue your Videotapes! is an easy to use package that makes digitizing your memories as easy as child's play.

MAGIX Video saver!

MAGIX Video saver!

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