Sales Conditions

Single workspace use eligibility:

Teachers, pupils, students and professors from general and vocational schools (state licensed), colleges, universities, technical schools and non-profit educational institutions.

Institutions eligible to use volume licenses (classroom licence):

General and vocational schools (state licensed), Chamber of Trade and Commerce professional training facilities, as well as Colleges, universities and non-profit educational institutions with academic degree programs.

Extension license eligibility:

Non-profit organizations with the following objectives:

    • Fighting poverty
    • Promoting education
    • Promoting social welfare
    • Promoting culture
    • Protecting the environment
    • Promoting health
    • Groups affiliated with the recognized religious communities

How can I order education licenses?

Single licenses:

In our EDU shop you can put your preferred EDU articles into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Please send your order confirmation and your proof of EDU eligibility (student/teacher ID) to verification@magix.net. You will receive your download links and serial keys via e-mail after your EDU status has been approved. This may take a few days (Mon.-Fri.). During this time you can use your product in trial mode.

Multiple licenses:

Please use the following form: Request an offer
Please name the software you wish to purchase, the amount of seats required and the name and address of your institution. We also accept any kind of form that might be required for your institution. Please also let us know whether local or network-based keys are required. We will then send a proforma invoice and a link for payment. After your payment has been registered and processed, we will send your download links and serial keys via e-mail. You will also receive an invoice/receipt for your purchase.

How can I get a quote for my institution?

Please send your inquiry by using our intuitive form: Request an offer
Please name the software, the amount of seats required and the address of your institution. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Can I pay via invoice?

No, purchasing single-licenses via invoice is not possible. We kindly ask for payment in advance via Paypal or credit card.

Can I pay for my order via invoice as a institution or non profit?

Yes, you may purchase via invoice when your institution is based in Europe. However, we ask for advanced payment when your institution is based outside of Europe.

What will be accepted as proof of my EDU status?

As proof of eligibility we accept:

  • E-mail address with an .edu domain
  • Copy of student/teacher ID card
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Letter from school, educational institution, or non-profit institution about your affiliation/employment
  • Civil service vocation
  • Any other document that identifies you as a teacher or employee of a charitable or educational institution

What is the difference between a local and a network-license?

Depending on your institution's digital infrastructure, we can deliver either local licenses or network licenses.

Local licenses means that each computer is activated locally via an Internet connection. Usually this application is used for laptops.

With the network license, a network license manager (NLM) takes over the administration of the licenses. It should be installed on a Windows (or Linux) server or one of the clients and will allow simultaneous use of any purchased licenses. The software can thus be installed on all devices in the network (floating license).

The NLM is available for each of the following programs:

Video editing

  • MAGIX Movie Studio, MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum, MAGIX Movie Studio Suite, VEGAS Pro Edit, VEGAS Pro Suite, VEGAS Pro Post, Video Pro X

Audio production

  • ACID Pro, ACID Pro Suite, MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM, Samplitude Music Studio, Samplitude Pro X, Samplitude Pro X Suite, SOUND FORGE Pro, SOUND FORGE Pro Suite
    Please note: Due to the technical reasons, MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM is not available under the network licensing model.

What does Academic Edition mean?

We usually offer regular full versions of our software programs for EDU customers. A few programs do not allow network-usage or convenient multi-user utilization due to certain elements within the software (e.g., the In-App Store in Music Maker Editions, Movie Edit Pro Plus, etc.). For these exceptions we offer an Academic Edition as an alternative for site licenses, which ensures the user-friendly, convenient utilization you have come to expect from us. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our Academic Editions, please contact us.

Can I use a coupon for EDU products?

No, this is not possible. EDU titles already include a strong discount and cannot be reduced any further. Please also note that coupons cannot be retroactively applied to orders that have already been billed. If you have any further questions, please contact us at: coupon@magix.net.

Can I get an upgrade for my software at EDU pricing?

Yes, you can! All available products are marked as "Upgrade" in the headline. Simply put your preferred EDU Upgrade articles into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Please send your order confirmation along with your proof of EDU eligibility (student/teacher ID) as well as the serial key you wish to upgrade to verification@magix.net.

Will my proof of EDU eligibility be stored for later purchases?

No, unfortunately, we cannot store your documents for later at this time. We are working on that, though! For now, please send your EDU proof with every order. Thank you for your understanding!