The legend of audio mastering returns: SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is back to set a new industry standard

MAGIX Software releases the biggest update to SOUND FORGE Pro since its first appearance 25 years ago. With the new SOUND FORGE Pro 12 the ground-breaking audio editing and mastering program has returned with more features, more processing power and more audio tools.


SOUND FORGE Pro began as a revolutionary mastering workstation for audio engineers in 1993. Since then the software has been adopted by many leading audio professionals the world over, such as Ted Perlman, Paul Brown and Anthony Casuccio.

Since SOUND FORGE was acquired from Sony in 2016, MAGIX has been reviving the entire product line, releasing SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 and SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3. Now SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is sure to set a new benchmark in precision audio processing. This important milestone release also marks the audio master's 25th anniversary.

SOUND FORGE Pro 12 further enhances the traditional strengths of SOUND FORGE Pro by adding new cutting-edge mastering and restoration features, along with modern hardware and platform compatibility. The software has a new 64-bit architecture and a large suite of additional plug-in effects, which now benefit from VST3 compatibility. DSD formats are supported in the new version and allow for import and export of audio files in optimal quality. SOUND FORGE Pro 12 also makes use of innovative psychoacoustic mastering, which can prevent conversion artifacts through high-quality Pow-r Dithering algorithms.

Four tools from MAGIX’s high-end broadcasting software SEQUOIA were also added in the new version. The Wave Hammer 2.0 tool offers automatic mastering options while still giving users total control over their sound. The features DeHisser, DeClicker/DeCrackler and DeClipper provide SOUND FORGE Pro extensive audio restoration capabilities. 

With all of these additions and enhancements, SOUND FORGE Pro 12 can step up to any audio task. From pro-quality multichannel recording to broadcast level mastering, precision editing to pristine restoration, this latest version is the ultimate audio editing tool for audio professionals.

SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite has also been announced which adds the highly innovative spectrum analysis tool SpectraLayers Pro 5. This is a sound designer's dream as it presents the user with a complete spectral visualization of the audio and allows every aspect of a recording to be shaped within a stunning graphical environment. The Suite also contains high-value plug-ins like iZotopes RX Elements and Ozone 8 Elements.

Finally, MAGIX Software is also offering SOUND FORGE Pro 365 which is a flexible subscription service that allows users to enjoy the many professional features of SOUND FORGE Pro 12 for low monthly fees from $14.99 per month.


SOUND FORGE's product owner Thomas Wolf, says: “All improvements in SOUND FORGE Pro 12 are based on feedback from our users. We completely focused on their requests. The overall performance of SOUND FORGE Pro has been considerably enhanced by bringing the software to the 64-bit platform, and the new VST3 support grants access to a huge variety of plug-in effects. We've also added a large number of professional plug-ins and features but the software retains an intuitive workflow. We truly believe that, on its 25th anniversary, SOUND FORGE Pro 12 sets a new benchmark for the professional audio production industry.”


There are three versions of SOUND FORGE Pro 12 to choose from:

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