Xara photo editing: Resize images, distort them and much more

So you want to resize images? For the Internet, a slideshow or for printing? Change the image size? Rotate, flip and optimize them? Or maybe you want to edit photos? Maybe even design graphics? Perhaps 3D logo?

Whether for simple picture editing or enhancing photos - Xara Photo & Graphic Designer from the German software specialist MAGIX can help all users to bring their ideas to life. The program is incredibly easy to use thanks to the simplified learning curve but still offers a vast selection of powerful editing tools and functions.

A common part of the photo editing process is resizing images, i.e. making it bigger or smaller. For example, presentations usually require smaller image files. This is because the file size plays a crucial role in the speed at which the photos can be viewed. A special image resizing program isn't necessary for this if you already have Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Resizing graphics in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer can also be done with a few clicks: Simply click the element you want to resize and drag on the ends while holding down the mouse button. The size of the object will be adjusted and you can play around with it until you find the size you want. Clicking the object again displays arrows that can be used to rotate the element. This intuitive and easy workflow is a central characteristic of this photo editing software. The user doesn't need to scroll through thick manuals to start.

Photo & Graphic Designer

Instructions: Easily resize images

With images, you can reduce the size of the photo in the save dialog which in turn reduces the size of the file. However, in addition to the number of pixels, the compression rate is always an important factor in the final file size. This makes it very important to find the right compromise between image quality and image size. The best way to do this is to simply try out different configurations on your images until you find settings that work best for you. The program is also perfect for users who like to experiment with their photos. It makes it possible to resize your images and graphics as often as you want. Thanks to the non-destructive functionality of the program, you don't have to worry about any loss in quality. Photo editing doesn't get any easier, more effective or more fun.

All aspects of image editing such as resizing, distorting or creating animation can be performed with the Xara software Photo & Graphic Designer. With this picture editor, amazing results are guaranteed.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19
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Draw inspiration from images, unleash your creativity and get the most out of every project. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers everything you need for image editing and graphic design, and is based on a simple, fast workflow.

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