The new subscription service
Once installed - forever up-to-date

Our goal is to offer you the best solution for your creative projects at all times. That's why we're continuously updating our software further and providing new features on a regular basis. Our new subscription service ensures that you always have the latest version of your software at hand.

The advantages:

Always get the latest version

Latest version – biggest savings!

A subscription ensures you always have access to the latest version of your software. This ensures compatibility with your operating system and current hardware, and automatically keeps your system up-to-date.

Access to premium content

Access to premium content

With high-quality video and audio content and helpful tips and tricks from experts, you'll be able to get the most out of each and every project – at no extra cost.

Unlimited support

Unlimited support

Whether for installation issues or any problems you experience during daily use, our support team is always there to offer advice and help during the period of your subscription.

Key questions about the new subscription service

How will I know when a new version is available?

When a new software version becomes available, you will see a notification when starting the program. We will also email you about new functions and extras so that you don't miss out on any updates.

Where can I learn more about the latest updates?

You'll find details about all new developments, updates, features and extras on our product websites at www.magix.com. So it's worth checking the website regularly.

How do I get the latest version?

All you have to do is to start the program as usual. If you haven't installed the latest version yet, you will see a notification about this when you start the program. You can then update with a single click.

What's the difference between the subscription service and the Update Service?

In addition to up-to-date software, many of our customers want us to provide them with access to creative content and new opportunities for collaboration. With this in mind, we have built upon the existing Update Service concept to offer a new subscription format that delivers the latest technology and content.

The subscription service is available for the following products: