Stabilize video with MAGIX software –
An End to the Shakes

In particular, footage made with action cams, smartphones or tablets can often be shaky or choppy. But from now on, you can concentrate on what you're filming instead of the camera itself. Just keep hold of it, you no longer need a steady hand. It doesn't matter whether you are filming with a DSLR, a smartphone or an action cam. Read on to learn how you can easily stabilize shaky video.

With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, you can easily improve the quality of your videos and then further enhance them by adding suitable background music as well as fascinating special effects. Simply try out our 30-day free trial version now and see for yourself.

Improving Video Quality –
Fast & Easy

The video quality is not ideal if the footage is shaky after recording. By applying basic video image stabilization, the recording can be improved retroactively. Using video stabilization software is especially important if you are shooting with a handheld recording device. And if you are filming from a moving car, airplane or boat, the resulting footage will almost always be shaky. Even when filming with an action cam or with footage that is shot under unusual conditions, such as 360-degree video or underwater, it is not uncommon to end up with media that does not meet your expectations in terms of quality. It is even possible to eliminate slight wobbles on hard zooms in or shoots from special angles.

The stabilizer software plug-in Mercalli V2 is included in Movie Edit Pro Plus and can help. With this plug-in, you can save seemingly unusable video and transform them into accurately stabilized, high-quality videos – quick, easy and definitely worth watching! The interface is very simple and clear, so you will achieve great results with only a few clicks. So if you don't have a tripod when you shoot, or if the camera shake isn't intended as a stylistic device, you can improve the quality of your videos in no time at all with the video stabilization software Movie Edit Pro Plus.

Our recommendation: Even old VHS tapes can be stabilized using Rescue Your Videotapes!.

Video Stabilization –
Tips & Tricks for Filming

One more tip for your next shoot: To minimize shaking in advance, it is important to mount your camera securely, because the tighter you mount it, the less room your camera has to wobble. Of course, this is a good basic rule for videos so that they will meet a high standard.

In most cases, an action cam is mounted directly on an entire object. This might be on your body, sports equipment or a moving object. To ensure a well-balanced angle, make sure you don't move into unnatural positions when shooting. This will make you instable and unbalanced which will almost inevitably cause shaky shots. It is also worth placing your camera on the floor to reduce shaking, if possible.

Getting the perfect shot can be a challenge sometimes. You won't have to worry if your footage, for example your vacation recordings or wedding videos, is shaky with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. In post production, you have the opportunity to apply digital video stabilization and smooth out camera movement. You can rely on Movie Edit Pro to save footage you thought to have lost.

Our tip: Are you trying to rescue unusable video footage and edit it professionally? Shaky recordings are the order of the day! To stabilize shaky video and ensure smooth videos without loss of video quality, read on to learn more about the recommended settings for the professional video stabilization in VEGAS Pro.

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