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June 08, 2020


INFUSION Engine – power for virtual all PCs. Graphics cards by all leading manufacturers (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA) are now supported.

This enables smooth playback on most hardware setups, even for multi-track projects in up to 4k Ultra HD resolution.

HiDPI editing interface

Work using the high-resolution Video Pro X interface, which stays razor-sharp and easy to read even when scaled to 4k monitors.

The program also features a modern icon design with graphic elements that are clearer and more sharp than ever before.

Real-time video stabilization

For the first time, video stabilization is possible without time-consuming analysis or rendering.

The time-unlimited full version of proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite allows for real-time video stabilization in Video Pro X.

proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite is included upon purchase of new software or extension of the Update Service, or when you upgrade.

NewBlue Filter 5 Ultimate

The NewBlue complete pack includes 27 color filters and more than 250 templates with specialist effects from the areas of color grading, classic film filters and creative design.

NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate is included upon purchase of new software or extension of the Update Service, or when you upgrade. NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate is English.

Simplified start dialog

The new look of the Video Pro X start dialog enables users to find the right project settings and film format faster. This lets you save time even before you start the cutting process.

Vertical videos

Vertical video formats, such as those of smartphone cameras are now automatically recognized and can be edited in their original alignment. New social media templates are also available.

November 25, 2019

8K Ultra HD support for HEVC videos

Full 8K support offered by Video Pro X for even higher resolution images. HEVC videos can be played back in realtime using NVIDIA graphics cards.* This spares you the time-consuming task of converting recordings to proxy files.

*Exclusively for HEVC in combination with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphic cards or higher.

HDR preview and color space handling

You can now select HDR, Full HD/UHD or SD as color space for projects. Experience enhanced visual control and precision in your color correction workflow.

Layer masks

You can now mask video and title objects in no time at all. A wide range of alpha masks are available for you to use in the templates area. Have video borders gradually fade out to transparent, or title objects appear in a specific way.

Redesigned transition menu

Simply click the transition symbol on the arranger to open an object and to display the transition symbols from the "Templates" area. The menu changes dynamically as you use the transitions, saving transitions you've applied or marked as favorites to the list.

Color picker with title editor function

You can now use the color picker to work with color design directly in the title editor. It's easy and saves a ton of time.

OFX: Plug-in performance

The enhanced performance of the OFX interface allows for multiple video effects to be played in realtime. Thanks to optimization, more computing power is now assigned to each individual video effect, with smoother playback the result.

Integrate your own camera and effect LUTs

Video Pro X enables you to integrate your own lookup table collections into the effects area, so they are as convenient to use as the program's supplied LUTs.

Individual content purchase in the in-app Store

You can now purchase only the specific content you need in the program's in-app Store, rather than an entire pack.

September 16, 2019

Optimized effect calculation by the INFUSION Engine

Tracking shots, zooms, collages, color effects and horizon straightening can all be calculated up to 8.6 times faster than ever before and played back smoothly.
Combined with the INFUSION Engine, it's an effective, instantly noticeable performance boost to your project editing workflow.

Find and close gaps

The new split and trim tool locates all gaps on the timeline and then simply closes them with a single click. All clips merge correctly without leaving any black frames.

5 new intros and outros

Find the perfect start and end for your film with new cinematic intros and outros. This lets you add creative touches and excitement right from the get-go.

Large icons in Explorer

Large thumbnails are preset for all folders to enable you to find the right clip or photo quickly. Previously, this type of display had to be set manually.

Transition icons in the arranger

The old icons have been replaced with new icons that correspond with the Media Pool icons.

Recently opened projects

Projects are now added to the recent file list when they are saved. This saves time when navigating folders in a session that involves working with different projects.

Soft upgrade

With an active Update Service, content that has been used in a previous version is now automatically transferred to the new version, in response to customer requests.

June 03, 2019


The new INFUSION Engine offers smooth playback, even in complex projects with multiple tracks on CPUs with Intel QuickSync and NVIDIA GPUs. Editing stages are calculated on either GPU or CPU according to your system or project requirements to optimize processing performance.

GPU decoded video frames (DirectX textures) are now directly transferred to the video engine, so copying them to memory is unnecessary.

VEGAS video stabilization

Brand new, completely redeveloped video stabilization offers powerful solutions for stabilizing your material and numerous settings for optimizing choppy film playback.

Turn even the shakiest footage into high-quality, professional videos in just a few clicks.

MAGIX Travel Maps

The MAGIX Travel Maps module offers a wide range of creative options for displaying your travel routes as a captivating animation. You can import your own maps and choose from the huge array of waypoints and vehicles included to show the different stages of your trip.

Little slideshows can also be created within the route animation by simply placing photos on the travel path.

Split and trim

With the new "split and trim" tool including dynamic preview, previewing and cutting video footage is easier than ever before. Simply move the tool along the timeline and click to make edits using the realtime preview in the video monitor.

For precise, direct trimming of video clips.