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Download Audio Cleaning Lab and test for free

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

If you download MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab now you will receive the ideal software solution for digitizing, editing, and optimizing music, no matter if you have old records, cassettes or other recordings.

Try it now for free

Cut music for free

You can also remove annoying noises and improve the sound image of your recordings and MP3s, even if you don't have any editing experience. Simply download MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab using the download link and test for free!

Download Audio Cleaning Lab

Record and digitize music

  • Ideal for recording and digitizing
  • Remove noise quickly and easily
  • Cut, edit, and enhance sound
  • Master, convert and back up
  • Get support right from the start
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

For the first time Audio Cleaning Lab allows you to apply reverb or echo effects to the entire track.

MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes!

Customize any audio material to fit your needs and enjoy old songs from records & tapes on your MP3 player, smartphone or on CD in your car stereo.

Create high-quality voice recordings

Create high-quality voice recordings for your own podcasts, spoken memos, voice overs on video, etc.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Try it now for free