Create websites with Xara Web Designer (Book)

Create websites with Xara Web Designer (Book) The ideal complement to Xara Web Designer

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This book provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to design, optimize and publish your own website. It's suitable for everyone – from beginners to advanced users.

Step by step to your own website.

This book provides you with all the relevant information on how to design, optimize and publish your website with Xara Web Designer. The useful tips and screenshots featured in this book will help you get your Internet presence up and running in no time.

Create websites with Xara Web Designer

Chapter overview:

The book includes 14 informative chapters written in a clear yet descriptive style.

  • What it's about: Extract (PDF)
    The introduction
  • The basics.
    Introduction to the program
  • Building Blocks.
    Tools in Xara Web Designer
  • The plan.
    Designing a website
  • Importing & customizing: Extract (PDF)
    Using templates to create a website
  • Brand new.
    Using your own website design
  • Everything that goes "click": Extract (PDF)
    Mouseovers & pop-ups
  • Add some life.
    Working with photos
  • Widgets and more.
    Embedding external content
  • Add movement: Extract (PDF)
    Web animations
  • Earn money.
    How do I set up an online shop?
  • Get found.
    Search engines & marketing
  • Keep it legal.
    Internet law
  • Glossary.
    Web design from A to Z


Sascha Daniel holds an M.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies, has worked as a journalist in the field of multimedia for many years and is an expert in photo, graphics and web design at MAGIX.

Roland Ziegler holds an M.A in German Philology and Philosophy, and has been writing manuals for MAGIX since 1999. He has years of experience with this software and its versatile applications.

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Create websites with Xara Web Designer (Book)

Create websites with Xara Web Designer (Book)