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Video Pro X

Introductory video

This introductory video will show you the basic controls in Video Pro X. A series of short examples will familiarize you with the user interface as well as the steps to follow for importing, cutting, effects editing, exporting and burning to disc.

360° video editing

Interactive 360 degree videos offer a complete panoramic view. You can change the perspective at any time by clicking on the video picture and dragging with the mouse. We'll show you how to make these kinds of videos.

Lookup tables

Lookup tables provide pre-defined colors and contrast values. They also help you give your movies a certain aesthetic look: crime dramas, for example, often use desaturated colors while comedies tend to be color-saturated and bright. This video clip will show you the best way to use lookup tables.

Video effects

Video Pro X offers tons of professional video effects for optimizing images and making creative distortions. This video clip will show you the best way to use video effects. Mixing foregrounds and backgrounds will also be explained.

Movement effects

Still shots, titles and even videos can often benefit from a little more movement. This video clips will show you everything you need to know about simulating tracking shots and zooms, image rotations, reflections and 3D molds.

Keyframe animation

Image enhancements such as brightness or contrast can be used to create dynamic effects with Keyframes. Even tracking shots can be generated using Keyframes. This video clips will show you how you can use keyframe animation.

Import & recording

What's the best way to get your material into the program? Here you'll see the best way to import videos and other media, or how you can record from connected devices.

Optimize performance

In larger projects with high-resolution material the playback process may suffer from chopping. You can find tips & tricks to remedy this problem here.

Multicam mode

Sometimes the same scene is recorded by several cameras from different angles. Multicam mode makes putting these types of videos together much easier. By clicking with the mouse in the preview monitor, you can intuitively edit your video.


Give your videos more depth by adding a third dimension. This video will show you how you can import and edit recordings from a Stereo 3D camera. The video will also explain the 3D export operations.