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Let your action cam videos shine - with MAGIX Fastcut

1 in 2 camcorders sold today is an action cam. Because of their ease of use and stability, they are must haves for many athletes and adrenaline junkies. An easy-to-use and intuitive program that allows users to cut and edit the recorded action footage didn't exist until now.

MAGIX Fastcut is a program built specifically for taking action cam footage and turning it into a high-quality, adventure film. The easy-to-use software is specifically designed for editing action-cam videos, such as a GoPro, in HD, allowing users to quickly and easily create high-quality action clips. The program is intuitive and doesn’t require expert knowledge to deliver the desired results. MAGIX Fastcut can take care of the footage while you take care of creating the adventure.

Fast editing for action-packed videos

MAGIX Fastcut is made to match the lifestyle of action cam users. Recordings can be edited quickly and uploaded online instantly - just in time to record the next clip.

With Fastcut, you can easily import files from your camera or SD card directly into the software interface, then edit, add great music and export the completed clip.

Fastcut offers everything you need from an editing program and includes additional features specifically created for GoPro and other action cams. For example, with Fastcut you get:

  • Fisheye correction Image stabilization
  • Automatic Video Editing Wizard
  • Slow motion and speed changes
  • Sound optimization and noise removal
  • Background music at lengths of 30s-120s
  • Directly upload online from the software
  • Full HD
  • and much more!

Whether you want to adjust the wide-angle distortion, smooth out shaky footage from your GoPro action cam, enhance that last jump with slow motion, or improve the lighting from your best shot, the diverse functions of MAGIX Fastcut are designed so that you can bring out the very best from each clip.Fastcut even provides you with everything you need for the perfect sound. You have features that will help you remove disturbing noise from wind or other sources or find the right music for the background score of your clip. Break new ground with MAGIX Fastcut.

Once you’ve completed your video masterpiece, you can upload it directly online to social media from the software or export in the appropriate video format. Then you're all set to start editing your next HD adventure from your GoPro or other action cam.

Fastcut Screen

GoPro or other action cams: Editing HD videos is easier than you may think

Every video camera owner should have an editing program at hand to edit recordings. For users of GoPro or similar action cams, MAGIX Fastcut offers easy-to-use software that is perfect for anyone regardless of skill level. All the tools you need to edit recordings are available ensuring the best optimization of picture and sound for your action-filled adventure.

MAGIX Fastcut

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MAGIX Fastcut
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