Convert records to CD and experience your long-lost music treasures in a completely new way

If you want to enjoy your favorite LPs like never before, you should convert records to CD.

However, some basic equipment is necessary for digitization to run smoothly. In addition to a record player and a PC equipped with the right software such as MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab, a so-called phono pre-amplifier is required.

MAGIX Rescue your Vinyl & Tapes includes the necessary software and a pre-amplifier. It's an all-around package that contains everything you need to quickly and easily digitize your records.

First, connect your record player to your PC via the phono pre-amplifier. Use the audio output interface of the playback device and the USB port of your computer. Then, launch the audio software and start digitizing your records right away. Simply start the record mode and the software will automatically record the music as soon as the record player begins playing the LP. After recording has been completed, you can start editing the music tracks.

Since records often feature disturbing background noise, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab offers several functions for improving the quality of your audio material. The DeClicker allows you to remove clicking; you can manually adjust the filtering level, depending on whether you want all clicking to be removed or only the most prominent flaws. The DeNoiser, which is also included in the package, helps to considerably reduce other types of noise. Again, you can choose between removing all background noise or only slightly improving the sound quality. After digitizing your records, you can easily remove annoying hissing and humming with the DeHisser.

Convert records to CD and listen to your music in top quality

The right way to organise music also allows you to archive your digital music on your PC. This way you'll always find the tracks you're searching for and can easily transfer your favorite music to your MP3 player and enjoy it on the go. Therefore, if you convert records to CD with MAGIX, you'll improve the quality of your audio material and make listening to music more convenient.

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