Xara Web Designer 19 Premium:
The Success Story

Update history

March 2022

Canonical link elements

A canonical link element is a method used to inform search engines which specific URL to handle as the master copy of a page to avoid SEO problems caused by identical or "duplicate" content found at multiple URLs.

21 new Google fonts

21 new fonts have been added. That means you now have even more creative possibilities for your designs.

Improved spell checker

The spell checker has been comprehensively reworked and now operates significantly more accurately and precisely.

Bug fixes

A number of past issues have been corrected and should now no longer occur.

August 2021

WebP import & export

Starting now, use the WebP format to compress photos and graphics on your web pages without any loss of quality.

Open Graph support

Open Graph support allows you to edit the metadata of your websites – meaning that you can modify the text in social media previews.

Smart Layout diagrams

You can now make the most of Smart Layout technology for creating charts. Quickly and easily adapt your designs to work with your requirements.


Trends and processes can now be presented clearly using one of 15 timelines available in the Online Content Catalog*.

1020+ Google fonts

Xara Web Designer now offers twenty additional Google fonts which you can activate and use for free.

March 2021

HiDPI program interface

Discover the new, razor-sharp HiDPI program interface with your 4K monitor.

Automatic header designs

The Online Content Catalog* now features ten header designs that are placed at the beginning of your document and match to fit your format.

New publishing workflow

Publish websites and documents directly to your domain from the dedicated web export window.

1000+ Google fonts

Starting now, activate and use over a thousand Google fonts for free with Xara Web Designer.

Smart Duplication

Create perfectly symmetrical vertical and horizontal patterns from objects and elements with just one click.

Handles with a new look

Starting now, the Shape tool also features the new, intuitive handles.

155+ Facebook posts

Create Facebook posts for any occasion with one of over 155 templates from the Online Content Catalog*.

95+ Instagram posts

Create Instagram posts that engage your followers with one of over 95 templates in the Online Content Catalog*.

125+ presentations

Find over 125 templates for presentations in the Online Content Catalog*.

105+ Text Panels

Attract focus on important texts using one of the over 105 Text Panels from the Online Content Catalog*.

65+ Photo Panels

Professionally showcase your photos with one of over 65 Photo Panels from the Online Content Catalog*.

20+ tables

Over 20 tables are now available in the Online Content Catalog* for use on your website.

15 charts

Share numbers and figures to establish clear correlations with ease using one of 15 charts from the Online Content Catalog*.

November 2020

New handles

The large and modern handles for the selection tool, SmartShapes and QuickShape tool make working on projects in Web Designer a whole lot easier.

Save settings

Your customized settings such as the button palette will remain the same even if you upgrade to a new version.

Improved HTML export

Bitmap files are now converted to vector graphics during HTML export.

Improved SVG import

SVG files are now imported into Xara Web Designer in their original size and without empty elements, resulting in accelerated import.

New supersite preview

With the new supersite preview, you can share large content with your website's visitors in a sleek, downloadable format.

Improved tables function

Thanks to Tab Key support, it's now easier to navigate through tables in Xara Web Designer.

970 Google fonts

The new Xara Web Designer now lets you activate and use 970 different Google fonts for free.

Now with over 250 website templates

Choose from over 250 modern website templates in the Online Content Catalog*.

New! Photo Panels

The Online Content Catalog* includes over 60 different Photo Panels for making your websites more custom and unique than ever before.

More Text Panels

Draw focus to the text that matters – access over 100 Text Panels from the Online Content Catalog*.

More Tables

The Online Content Catalog* now offers more than 15 diverse tables.

More Facebook posts

Included in Xara Web Designer, the Online Content Catalog* now contains more than 125 templates for Facebook posts.

More Instagram posts

Get the perfect template for each and every project – the Online Content Catalog now contains more than 65 Instagram post templates.

More charts

The Online Content Catalog* now features nine different charts for displaying and explaining information in a clear and appealing way.

The right post for every occasion – choose from over 155 facebook post templates in the Online Content Catalog*.

October 2019

Line charts (Premium only)

Use the new function to create line charts. It's the ideal way to present data and processes and show everything clearly in context.

Automatic Text Panels

Use Automatic Text Panels to store frequently used text such as names and addresses for adding to any document with a single click. Text passages or individual words can now be directly linked to text fields in the document.

Save angle when rotating objects

When you rotate an object, the exact angle now remains visible even if you stop holding it clicked. This way, you always know the exact angle of rotation for all objects.

Colorful lines

Highlight individual text sections with color and stretch them to the full width of the column. Drop entire lines to add emphasis and draw attention to the most important titles.

Improved text selection

With new, improved text selection, words and text passages can now be easily selected by double-clicking and dragging.

Festive social media templates (Premium only)

Festive social media templates are the perfect way to get ready for the holiday season. Spread Christmas cheer online with family, friends, colleagues and the whole world.

June 2019

Automatic page width adjustment (Premium only)

The new "Scale to Fit Width" option automatically scales content within each web variant so that it fits the width of the screen or browser, meaning your website can be viewed better on different devices.


Object SVG export

SVG graphics are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled without loss in quality. These are ideal for responsive websites.

More Smart Text Panels

More Smart Text Panels have been added, which can be used to put the focus on important text or quotations.

Expanded Smart Photo Panels & Frames

The range of Smart Photo Panels and Frames that can be used to feature people on websites or highlight photos on flyers and brochures has been extended.

More Labeled Lines

Now, there are also even more Smart Labelled Lines that are perfect for line breaks, titles, or as a ruler for technical drawings.

March 2019

Smart Photo Panels and Smart Photo Frames

Perfect for introducing people: Use over 30 new Smart photo panels for a professional looking website.

With over 35 premium exclusive Smart photo panels, you can also highlight individual photos.

Arrow SmartShapes

Design individual arrows exactly according to your requirements: In addition to length and curvature, the new arrow SmartShapes can now also be adjusted in width and line style.

Line SmartShape

Simply smart: With the line SmartShapes you can create individual headings or separation graphics for your web pages. The input text is always centered and does not change the fixed length of the line.


The new SmartShapes give you even more design freedom for your projects. Use fully customizable trapezoids, parallelograms, wheels, pentagons and more for modern designs and graphics.

Smart text panels

Make quotations or text sections stand out on your website: The 18 new Smart text panels flexibly adapt to texts.

Even more OpenType features (Premium only)

Discover the new OpenType features for expressive typography: Use eye-catching ornaments and embellishments to customize headings or entire paragraphs on your web pages.

Preview line widths

Line widths can now be adjusted even more easily: Simply scroll through the choices and see the change in real time.

Instructions for creating cookie notifications

To help you protect yourself legally, this guide describes in detail how to set up a cookie notification on your website.

Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base contains numerous helpful articles, which answer all common questions about Web Designer. It's worth a visit!

October 2018

Magic Color Match

Use the emotional effect of colors to give your website the right image. Select a photo that represents you and your site and transfer a color schema to the entire template.

Advanced OpenType Support

Use ligatures to combine letters and explore the stylistic sets for a great new way to highlight quotes, eye-catching captions on your website or amazing social media posts.

Text Shape Filler

Be more creative than ever. You have a quote that fits your website and want to present it in the best possible way? The text will automatically adjust and fit into any shape you are working with.

The Text Case Tool

Decide where the focus should be. Lots of new and easy to apply options with a single click including ALL CAPS, all lower, Initial Caps and SMALL CAPS. A great way to highlight important headlines.

Page makeup

Give your layout a unique design and an appealing aesthetic. Harmonized typography sets the standard for a clear typeface structure and an improved reading flow.

Improved Table SmartShapes

Create professional tables for your website. Thanks to new and intuitive design elements, you can present content and data quickly and clearly.

PDF Editor 3.0

Have you ever wanted graphic elements from a PDF? Maybe a logo, photo or text. With Web Designer it’s now as easy as copy & paste.

CSV Import

Import CSV data into our brand new pie charts, they’ll even auto calculate the percentages for you! A great new way to display data in a visually stunning way.

June 2018

Even more variety

Up to 28 website templates and SmartShapes

Website templates: A diverse range of themes

Discover new website templates for your business! The modular design system is really easy to work with. Simply swap out text and images - finished! New templates in Web Designer include Wellness & Spa / Software companies Also in Web Designer Premium: Superfood Store / Law firm / Yoga trainer

Large collection of SmartShapes

Design exciting elements for your website - with over 20 new tables, layouts, shapes and text boxes, there's plenty of creative freedom for your ideas. Create modern and slick flat designs by positioning text, shapes and images on top of each other.

Premium advantage: New presentations

Present your latest ideas as a professional presentation. The new templates cover the topics of energy drinks, delivery services and nature and can be easily modified to your own ideas.

Premium advantage: Social media

Use social media to boost the success of your business. The new templates have been specially developed for companies. The standard collection for Business has been expanded and now includes special templates for delivery services and security firms.

March 2018

Creative SmartShapes

Now includes brand new SmartShapes! Create impressive design elements without the need for a designer. The size, color and shape of each SmartShape can be easily modified.

Flat design

Creating designs with text is now even easier. Simply choose a SmartShape, enter text and then position it using the special handles.

SmartShapes for tables

Easily create business tables and tailor them to your ideas thanks to flexible arrangement and scaling for lines and columns.

New and modern website templates

Discover new templates for starting your own food blog or creating an Internet presence for a cafe.

New and modern social media templates

Boost your social media presence with new templates for industries such as car sales, fitness and logistics.

New and modern presentation templates

Do you have a travel blog or a consultancy firm? Discover brand new templates in Web Designer for professional presentations!

November 2017

10 stylish photo filter overlays

These overlays give images on your website a fresh new look. The photo filters are freely combinable, so you can create truly unique effects.

More than 1 million photos & illustrations

The Online Content Catalog includes a huge collection of archives and illustrations to choose from. Plus, they're free and can be used for commercial purposes. Find the perfect image for your website!

Customize images: Magic Resize

Your post for Facebook is ready. Need a post for Instagram too? The Magic Resize tool lets you adjust and resize posts for use on other social media platforms. It's easier than ever before.

Little helpers: Smart Shapes

Discover our Smart Shapes. These are intelligent shapes which can be easily edited using special handles. Perfect for timelines, speech bubbles, flow charts, text boxes, shapes such as stars, triangles and more.

Premium advantage: New website media templates

Whether you have a microsite, website or blog in mind, our templates offer crisp, clear design and beautiful effects. You're sure to find the right template for your project here.

Premium advantage: New presentation templates

Does your presentation feel like it's missing something? Want to add graphics or create a unified layout? Select from a massive range of materials for presentations - including new designs for "Water", "Travel" and "Business"!

Premium advantage: New social media templates

Whether for your company or personal profile, Web Designer Premium includes a wide selection of premade templates for creating the perfect post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

May 2017

Premium advantage: Panorama photo slider

First impressions are key! Use full screen images for your slideshows and make your website an absolute eye-catcher. This showcases your images and communicates your website's message in an artistic way. Design the slider any way you want with a prominent call-to-action button and a customized header that jumps right out.

Premium advantage: 50 new photo filters

For an ever better user experience: Create pictures exactly the way you imagined. Create a custom look for your website in seconds.

Highlight: Transparency Effects photo filter

Grab your viewers' attention! These sophisticated transparency effects can be freely combined.

Highlight: Summer Looks photo filter

For a website suffused with a warm glow - this summer filter brings the most beautiful time of the year to your screen.

Highlight: "Wash" vintage look photo filter

Things were better in days gone by - apply this "washed" look to images for a nostalgic look. The gentle blue colors are great for sharing images of old furniture and portraits.

Comprehensive template collection

Created by the best. For the best. Discover a range of meticulously designed templates for posters, flyers, presentations or entire websites! The difference is in the detail: Simply add images, enter text and customize color. That's all there is to it.

January 2017

Premium advantage: 50 new photo filters

50 new photo filters for 50 new looks Add focus to your images, highlight photos with contrast effects or play around with distortion. Turn your photos into real eye-catchers.

Premium advantage: New Smart Shapes (chevron & arrow)

With the new arrow & chevron Smart Shapes, you can illustrate your ideas and information visually and communicate them effectively.

Xara Web Designer 19 Premium
Xara Web Designer 19 Premium
Xara Web Designer 19 Premium
Xara Web Designer 19 Premium Easily create your own website
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Xara Web Designer 19 Premium Easily create your own website
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What is Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer Premium is website builder software from MAGIX. The program is easy to use and is perfectly suited for beginners. This comprehensive website builder provides everything you need for a professional web presence, with a huge range of practical templates and designs for every context, integrated graphic tools, responsive web design and an intuitive workflow.

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Yes, a free 30-day trial version of Xara Web Designer Premium is available. Just go the free-download section and get started.

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