Audio recording using a digital recording studio

Create custom tracks using recording studio software

Audio recording is an essential part of the music production process. Before digitalization, music was recorded in analog in a recording studio. Today, you can set up your own recording studio at home using recording studio software. Simply connect key components such as a microphone or an amplifier to your computer and discover a whole world of possibilities for recording.

The basic components of a recording studio

Creating a audio recording requires first and foremost a basic understanding of music and an idea. Many compositions simply come into the user's head at random and they might be sketched out on paper at first. Once the idea is fully developed, it's time for the recording studio. If you'd like to realize a creative idea independently, you can set up your own recording studio in your home.

The components you need for setting this up are easy to obtain, and affordable too. Recording studio software forms the core of any such recording studio setup. This combines all the separate components and enables you to customize your composition and save it as a digital file once the process is finished.

Individual components for audio recording

If you want to record audio tracks and combine them to create a composition, you'll need some additional components.


You need a mixer to adjust the volume for individual audio tracks – this is necessary for vocals, for instance. The bass and treble should also be modified for tracks in the same way. Connect the mixer to your PC or laptop and experiment with different volume levels until you're satisfied with the result.


To records vocals, you'll need a microphone. This can also be used to record voice-overs and to shape the design of your recordings.


Headphones enables you to judge sound with precision. You'll also need headphones when singing in lead vocals. Go for classic stereo headphones with high-quality sound and soft padded ear cups that are comfortable to wear.


As the name suggests, the amplifier provides the necessary volume for the track you have mixed. It lets you test how bright and dark tones sound together and preview how the finished song will sound when played on the speakers of a stereo system.


Make sure that your speakers are adjusted to the power of your amplifier. The speakers should have a balanced sound. This is the best way to distinguish important details and adjust your audio if necessary.


When recording an audio track, you can simulate various instruments virtually. But you can get more natural and much more unique results when you play the instruments live. Electric guitars, digital piano or a keyboard are all good options for connecting to your PC or laptop. When you invest in a high-quality keyboard, you have the advantage of being able to simulate many different sounds and rhythms.

Hardware required for the recording studio program

To record an audio track, you need to install software such as SOUND FORGE Pro on your PC or laptop.

It doesn't really matter whether you prefer to work with a PC or a laptop. A laptop has an advantage in that it doesn't take up as much space. It also lets you work anywhere. This is a plus if you also use your digital recording studio for DJ work, or if you're working together with other members of a band. A desktop PC does not offer as much flexibility as a laptop. It delivers higher performance, however, as well as the possibility of combining individual components according to custom requirements.

Use recording studio software

After installing the software, you can start recording your first audio track right away. There are a number of tutorials that offer a quick introduction to the program's various functions. These help guide you through the audio recording process.

Alternatively, you can try out the program for yourself. This is recommended if you already have some experience with recording. Recording audio using digital software is easy, because you don't need to use the first recordings you make. The software enables you to try out a whole range of ideas and save, reuse or delete them. Audio tracks are individually marked, so even beginners can find their way around very easily.

Use multiple effects

Astounding effects give your composition the extra touch. The recording studio software is fully equipped with a range of sophisticated effects that you can apply to compositions. With VST3 effect support, you have access to plug-ins that let you tune and tweak your recordings over and over again. The field recording feature lets you work on your laptop on the go, so your recording studio is mobile too.

Record audio using three easy steps

SOUND FORGE Pro works following three steps. Follow these in order to create a custom audio recording.

1. Record

Use the new interface, which has been completely redesigned and is clearer than previous program versions, to record the individual tracks for your composition. You can record up to 32 channels simultaneously.

2. Audio editing

Once the actual recording has been made, you can get started with editing. Add effects or adjust speed and volume to create a harmonic composition. All control elements are fully intuitive – even beginners can use them right from the get-go.

3. Post-production

Post-production involves combining separate components. You can cut sequences, insert new ones, and define how long you want the finished file to be. The last step is to save the file as a compatible format.

An audio tool for beginners and advanced users

SOUND FORGE Pro is a tool used by budding musicians and creative artists alike. Its simple operation and diverse range of functions also appeal to professionals who have been making music for years or decades. Producing music digitally has many advantages. The way in which music is sold and published these days has changed a lot due to digitalization and increased availability online. More and more users don't purchase physical media. They listen to music on the go, in a digital format. If you record a digital audio track from the very beginning, you can distribute your music faster. This way, you're keeping up with the times and have a file available to distribute right after you compose it. Plus, professional editing is possible at any time.

Composing tracks in your own recording studio has become much easier thanks to digitalization. You no longer need to rent a recording studio to create an audio recording. With recording studio software, it's possible to work using your home PC. Some other components such as a microphone, an amplifier and an external mixer are required for professional tasks. The results deliver impressive, high-quality sound, and the digital files can be changed or edited at any time.Whether you're a first-time music creator or a professional, SOUND FORGE Pro offers a true recording studio experience for home use.