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The right video editor for editing personal film footage is just as an important part of the equipment for hobby filmmakers as the camera itself.

MAGIX has been developing user-friendly software, presenting new ideas every year and continuously optimizing the existing range of products for over two decades now. With Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX offers beginners and advanced users a video editing program to quickly produce professional results thanks to its easy operation and clear interface. Import your videos from all common sources and edit them in a project. It's not always necessary to convert different formats. You can then export your finished project to DVD and Blu-ray. The 64-bit support provides you with outstanding performance and taps into the full potential of your computer allowing you to work quickly. Our years of experience in developing and optimizing video editing software is underscored in the satisfaction of our customers. Over 13 million registered users and more than 1,000 awards worldwide are proof of the MAGIX's innovative power. The gradual approach into the program functions ensures that users can easily learn and use every important video editing process. This allows you to quickly celebrate your films as well as your successful premieres.

Every single edit as well as stylistic enhancement plays a major role in video editing. With Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX offers Windows users a video editing program chock-full of effects to add drama to their videos. These effects are located in the media library and can be viewed in advance in a preview window before they are used in specific scenes. This makes individual moments in your movie more exciting and expressive. And just in case the effects and fades includes in the software are not enough, you can find a great deal of more free media files available for download at online media market place Catooh. Your demands of the finished work can soar, especially when you've invested a lot of time and effort in filming. That's why it is wise to also edit the audio material after you digitize the video. You can thus remove any disturbing noises or volume fluctuations and enhance the video experience. With the right audio dubbing, you can enhance the background noise and make the premiere with your family and friends into a memorable experience.

Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium

An exciting home theater experience thanks to powerful video editing software

Once your project is finished, you can easily burn it to a data storage medium right away with Easy Burn mode. Thanks to the powerful video editing software, you can view your completed movies not only on your PC but also on your TV at home or at your friend's homes.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium
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Making a captivating video has never been this easy. Movie Edit Pro brings together efficient cutting tools, extensive optimization options and up to 1,500 effects and titles in a single, powerful video editing program.
Bring your creative ideas to life, 100% the way you imagined.

Movie Edit Pro. It's time to create amazing videos!

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