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Update history

August 30, 2021

INFUSION Engine 3 

INFUSION Engine 3 now enables a seamless GPU workflow for all current graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. In addition to high-performance playback even for complex projects with 8K material, INFUSION Engine 3 now also offers accelerated export for AVC and HEVC formats.

New handles for video objects & customizable rotations point

The new editing interface provides color codes, larger handles and optimized handling allows even more control over the position and scale of video objects directly in the program monitor. Thanks to the new flexible rotation point tool, you to freely specify a point around which you can rotate objects. This means new creative possibilities for designing your own split screens, video collages and animations.

Redesigned Panorama Storyboard

Keep an even clearer overview of your project with the new Panorama Storyboard. Large thumbnails make the subject of your video appear in the center of the screen and help you keep a clear overview even of more complex projects. Another new features is access to an innovative audio workflow with easy-to-understand visualization.

Improved MAGIX Travel Maps

The travel route animations with MAGIX Travel Maps have been enhanced with various features and design elements such as fly-in animations, import and export of GPX data, custom view angles/map skew and MP4 export. Additionally, MAGIX Travel Maps can now be edited in fullscreen mode and using the optimized menu.


Multi-GPU functionality in Video Pro X means you can use multiple graphics cards and assign different processes to different cards. You are also free to combine graphics cards from different manufacturers. This results in your hardware's computing power being used in an optimal way.

August 24, 2020


Version 2 of the INFUSION Engine now supports graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. An immediately noticeable improvement in performance while video editing is the result.

One-of-a-kind: Even 8K Ultra HD videos now play back smoothly in realtime on standard hardware.

8K Ultra HD

The 2021 version of Movie Edit Pro supports 8K Ultra HD. You can now cut, edit and present videos at the latest level of image quality – high-resolution and rich in detail.

HiDPI program interface

New program layout – sharper than ever before. When zooming in, font and dialogs are resized too and are clear and legible at all times.

Automatic alignment for smartphone videos

When photos and videos are imported, Movie Edit Pro is now able to identify the original camera alignment and automatically rotates them to assume the correct orientation. Smartphone videos filmed in portrait mode will then display in the right way.

More intuitive start dialog

The interface has been scaled back to the essentials for a new, clean look. Project templates are now more clearly structured and displayed. Get started on your projects quicker.

NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate

27 video filters and over 250 templates are included for comprehensive color correction, sophisticated color grading and showcasing your film motifs. Achieve cinematic flair for your films.

£269 value

Premium version plug-ins are included upon purchase of new software or extension of the Update Service, or when you upgrade. Program language for plug-in is English.

December 09, 2019

Color picker in title editor

Title colors can now be easily selected using the new color picker – this can be done directly in the image using the pipette function.

Alternatively, colors in RGB and HSV color space can be set manually.

Optimized transition menu

The timeline now offers direct previews of all transitions. Icons help you locate the perfect transition in no time at all.

Dynamic sorting means that your previously used and favorite transitions can be accessed quickly. Random selection of transitions within a category is now also possible.

Layer masks

The templates area now includes a wide range of alpha masks for fast masking of video, photo and title objects.

Image compositions made from various layers can now be created quickly and in high quality.

OFX effects with real-time playback

Experience significantly faster data transfer between OFX video effects and Movie Edit Pro. Playback even in realtime is possible for most recordings.

This frees up more processing power for detailed effects editing.

Individual content purchase in the in-app Store

Effects, sound and packs can now be purchased individually in the Movie Edit Pro Store – now accessible from directly within the software.

August 19, 2019


A milestone in performance for years to come. The new program foundation ensures smooth editing of 4K/UHD recordings. As well as smooth playback in the preview monitor, processing time has been significantly reduced for movement and color effects.


Professional video stabilization from VEGAS

Professional image stabilization is now fully integrated in Movie Edit Pro. Perfect results are possible without any prior experience with the one-click workflow.

Mouse mode "Split and trim"

Cut directly in the timeline with real-time preview. Saves a ton of time, especially when editing longer-length videos.

Travel route animation with MAGIX Travel Maps

The fully revamped travel route animation tool includes hand-drawn maps and a huge range of transport types and avatars. It's now also possible to use your own maps.

Find and close gaps

Gaps in video footage can now be found and removed automatically. It's a real time-saver.

Improved "Manage Projects" menu structure

The new "Manage Projects" menu makes it easy to organize the videos in your project.

Improvements to performance and stability

Optimized transformation and LUT effect algorithms deliver significant performance and stability improvements.

New icons

Large thumbnails for all folders enable you to find the right clip or photo quickly.

5 new intros/outros

High-quality new additions to the popular intro/outro animations. Produced in fine detail and abstract enough to work with most videos.

Soft upgrade

Our customers asked, and we listened: Already installed content from previous versions is now automatically included in reinstallations of the program.

April 23, 2019

Editing functions for dynamic titles

The dynamic title templates are now adjustable in both size and style to perfectly suit your footage.

30 new fonts

Included for the first time: 30 fonts in handwritten style designed to a high standard that are great for a wide range of video themes and concepts.

December 10, 2018

Dynamic titles

Movie Edit Pro 2019 includes new title templates with individually animated characters, words and lines.

Freely design colors for tracks and objects

Keep everything in view: Color in tracks and objects to give your project a visual structure.

Improvements to the in-app Store

Detailed improvements such as one-click download for purchased content and single item download directly from the list view.

August 13, 2018

Active destination track

The new, active destination track enables the precise insertion of videos, effects and music to the Timeline.

Flexible track handling

New "Delete", "Copy", "Cut" and "Insert" track handling features let you delete, arrange, reorder and duplicate tracks however you want.

Batch export for chapters

Automatic batch export between chapter markers provides entirely new ways to organize your projects. Now you can edit individual sections of your movie without having to export the whole thing.

Plug-in dialog with the latest GUI technology

A fundamentally new control concept and a completely new technological basis change the way plug-ins and effects dialogs are integrated and controlled in Movie Edit Pro.

AVX-optimized algorithms

AVX optimizations for internal image processing and 3-way color correction make image processing much faster, deliver much more precise output quality on color conversions and free up resources for the use of additional effects.

HEIF import

Images from the latest iPhone models can now be used, thanks to HEIF format support.

May 14, 2018

J-L cuts

Audio and video can be independently trimmed using shortcuts without affecting object groupings. Documentaries and interviews are now easier than ever before to edit thanks to a fluid workflow and overlapping objects.

"Move object contents" mouse mode

Movie scenes can now be moved and selected via added video objects. This saves you time and helps you maintain your editing rhythm.

Improved chroma key

Antispill and fine-tuned extraction algorithms provide higher quality object extraction without green edges and with significantly improved object detection.

Full HD compression without image artifacts

Significantly reduced image artifacts during high-resolution video compression. Visibly reduced sparkle and fewer Moiré patterns in exported Full HD/4K videos.

December 8, 2017

Effect transitions

Tracks can be retroactively added to any position. Populated tracks are highlighted.

In-app store & Media Pool

The in-app store can now be accessed via a tab in the Media Pool. In-app store now features  tile and list views

Optimized start dialog

Fundamentally redesigned look with improved overview and enhanced controls. Easy project creation and opening.

Stability and performance updates

The updates listed here  resulted in significantly higher program stability and were featured in the German magazine "Videoaktiv" in May 2018.

September 4, 2017

Improved performance

Faster export with Intel GPU hardware acceleration. Up to 5x faster video processing provides smooth preview monitor playback of high-resolution footage.

More effects available in the in-app store

A selection of 1,500 intros/outros, transitions, movie templates and music. The new list view provides faster and easier browsing in the in-app store.

Third-party plug-ins

The in-app store now contains plug-ins from NewBlueFX and HitFilm at discounted prices.

Includes soundtrack music

For the first time directly in Movie Edit Pro: A fantastic selection of top notch soundtrack music. 32 soundtracks and 22 sound effect packs! 20 songs and 2 sound effect packs are included for free.

Videos from the Cloud

Import media directly from Google Photos, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Advanced 360  video editing

Automatically or manually stitch raw 360  footage.

200 multimedia tracks

Large movie projects can be expanded to up to 200 multimedia tracks.

Jun 6, 2017

New Media Pool

The new Media Pool offers more variety, better quality and improved overview. The integrated store provides a better selection of titles, transitions, effects, music, sounds and templates.

January 31, 2017

Significantly enhanced performance

Movie Edit Pro now runs more stable than ever before. Thanks to helpful feedback from our users, we've optimized many areas within the program and improved performance. This makes editing your projects even easier and ensures that the program is now more reliable.

November 22, 2016

Optimized video engine

Better video quality with 16-bit color processing. Significantly better performance when rendering H.264 and HEVC with hardware accelerated video editing.

10-bit HEVC support

HEVC/H.265 video support enables space-saving data compression and more efficient workflows with high-resolution 4K recordings.

Wireless media transfer

Wireless media transfer with Send Anywhere. Directly import footage or projects from your smartphone or tablet into Movie Edit Pro.

Editing templates

10 new thematic editing templates for automatic video editing to the beat of the music.

Tons of border effects

New border effects, including effects for enhancing black borders on smartphone footage.

Intros and outros

9 high-quality intro and outro animations

August 25, 2016

360° camera editing

Extensive features for 360  footage, including import, editing and title creation.

Shot match

Automatically match the colors and tonal values of two separate videos to each other.

Video effects

Added lens flare, mask generator, cutting die, Gaussian blur and lighting effects.

Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology

Stabilizes shaky footage and smooths out jerky camera pans.

Effect transitions

Developed using new blur-based technology.

OpenFX support

Extensive support for third party plug-ins with OpenFX interface.


What can Movie Studio do?

Movie Studio offers a wide range of features for video editing: In just a few easy steps, you can add animations, slow-motion, time-lapse effects and travel routes to your videos, as well as enhance picture and sound and edit videos for YouTube.

Is Movie Studio suitable
for beginners?

Movie Studio is a popular and trusted video editing program. Thanks to its intuitive interface and many helpful hints and tutorials, even beginners can create impressive videos in no time.

Is Movie Studio free to use?

MAGIX offers a free 30-day trial version of Movie Studio. The trial version only lets you create videos up to three minutes in length, but this is more than enough to try out all the features. Click here to download the trial version.

What are the system
requirements for Movie Studio?

Movie Studio is designed with user-friendliness in mind, so all of the basic features run smoothly and can be fully operated on any machine, including low-performance computers. You can view the minimum system requirements, as well as recommended requirements for a selection of advanced program features, under specifications.