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The Best video editing software that anyone can learn

Video cameras and recording videos have become a part of our everyday lives. With the evolution of big and bulky camcorders into tiny digital SLR cameras that can take HD videos to even ultra HD video that can be recorded with cell phones that fit in our pockets, taking videos is now easier than ever before. Despite the evolution of video recording and the increased accessibility to record videos, one issue that remained is that many users still face problems when it comes to video editing with video editing software.

MAGIX, the creator of award-winning multimedia software, offers the ideal solution - bringing this problem to an end for both beginner and professional movie makers: Movie Edit Pro. With this easy-to-use and intuitive video editing software, editing films can be done in three simple steps. The program (for Windows) allows you to add background music to moving pictures and add animated transitions or fade in text. A number of additional special effects give these functions a variety of video editing options and thus enable sophisticated photo editing. Last but not least, the result can be very conveniently shared with your family and friends by easily being burned to a CD or DVD or uploaded directly online to social media channels such as YouTube.

This incredible video editing software offers a particular highlight: audio dubbing. This is where the Berlin-based company's many years of expertise in the field of making music and audio software intersect providing the best solution for optimizing the sound in your videos. MAGIX’s experience in the field of photo editing has also been integrated with the application allowing users to easily and effectively optimize the color and lighting of their photos and videos and even create 3D animations. It can be used, for example, to enhance the intro or the credits of your film project. All of these great extras are available without distracting the user from their actual goal: movie editing.

Movie Edit Pro Screenshot

Video editing with MAGIX: Get the best audio effects from expert knowledge

Thanks to the clear interface, even first-time users will quickly understand the software and be amazed at how fast raw footage can be enhanced with attractive effects. This movie making software features a functional depth that inspires and fascinates professionals equally. In the end, users don't have to overcome hurdles and won't face any limits with this video editing application.

Anyone who owns a video camera should also have the best video editing software. After all, viewers no longer need to watch uncut raw material on their TV. Movie making software is not magic, quite the contrary: with Movie Edit Pro, everyone can become a director. No other video editing program is so easy to use and explains in only a few steps how to cut, use effects as well as final projection completion, e.g. burn to disk or upload online. Start using the video editing application that has revolutionized movie making and video editing.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Video editing with Movie Edit Pro enables you to create unique videos. Access high quality effects. Easy operation. Amazing results. Whatever kind of video project you're planning, Movie Edit Pro sets you up for success.

* With the update service you will receive a full year of free new features and updates, which can be used indefinitely. If you reinstall the program after one year, you will have access to the basic version. After the one-year update service has expired, you can extend it for a discounted price.