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Two men: one operates a mixing console, the other plays guitar.

Recording instruments

Recording instruments

Recording an instrument with MUISC MAKER: Learn how to record an instrument using MUSIC MAKER with your PC, edit the sound, and add musical accompaniment.

Man, with headphones in front of keyboard and PC

Editing WAV files

Editing WAV

Bring your WAV files to life using MUSIC MAKER. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools will help you to edit your WAV files and produce your own music in no time.

Illustration conversion of FLAC, AIF, WAV files to MP3

Converting audio formats into MP3

Conversion to MP3

Learn how to convert your audio files formatted in WAV, AIFF, CDA, MP3, AAC, WMA, and FLAC to MP3 using Samplitude Music Studio.

Laptop with MUSIC MAKER interface

Editing music with MUSIC MAKER

Edit music

Learn how to cut audio files together, remove distracting passages, create harmonious transitions, as well as use tools such as a compressor, equalizer, reverb, and echo to fine-tune the sound of the objects you've cut together.

Man with headphones

Audio editing – step by step

Audio editing

Audio editing involves editing and enhancing sound with the help of effects such as an equalizer, compressor, and reverb. Learn how to edit your music with the free version of MUSIC MAKER in this guide.

Available until April 28, 2024
Available until April 28, 2024
Available until April 28, 2024