Installation Guide Ozone 10 Elements

1. Download the iZotope Product Portal here: Https://
2. Install and start the iZotope Product Portal.
3. If you don’t already have an iZotope account, create one by clicking on "Create account", otherwise...
4. Log in with your iZotope account details.
5. Click on the +barcode icon on the top right of the screen.
6. Enter your Ozone Elements serial number.
7. Follow the instructions to install Ozone Elements. Once finished, you may close the iZotope Product Portal.
8. Restart Music Maker.

9. Load a Music Maker project, open the mixer, and navigate to the Master section.

10. Click the "FX" button in the Master track to open the mastering effects.

11. It is recommended to turn off all mastering effects.

12. Click on the "+" icon to show the available effects.

13. Choose "VST FX", "iZotope", then select "Ozone 10 Elements".

14. Done. We hope you enjoy working with Ozone 10 Elements!

For a comprehensive guide on how to use Ozone, please refer to iZotope's resource page at: Https://