How to activate sounds, functions & instruments
in Music Maker

Following purchase of a Music Maker Edition, sounds, functions and software instruments can be downloaded via the Music Maker Store. Activating your Store credit is easy and can be done directly within the program by entering your serial number.

Music Maker

Activating a Music Maker Edition

Activating Editions

1. Install Music Maker
2. The start dialog appears once Music Maker is opened. Editions can be activated in this dialog.
(Note: The start dialog can be opened manually via the Help menu.)

Music Maker credit

3. Open the "MAGIX Account" area in the start dialog.
4. Enter the serial number and follow the instructions.
5. Following successful registration, your Store credit balance for functions, sounds & instruments will display in the start dialog. From here you can simply click to access the Store.


1. Functions & instruments for older versions can also be activated using serial numbers for the corresponding version.
2. If a previous version of Music Maker is installed on the PC, this can be activated without entering the serial number.
To do this open the dialog "Activated content" in the Help menu and follow the instructions.