How to create amazing photo effects

You've taken a great shot, but you still think it could look a bit better? Then why not take your photo to the next level with some awesome photo effects!

By using various photo effects, you can give your photo a special look or highlight specific elements in that image. With the right effects, even the most boring photos can be transformed into amazing works of art. Photo & Graphic Designer from XARA is the perfect program to give your photo that unique, one-of-kind look.

With Xara Photo & Graphic Designer all you have to do is select the effect you want and adjust the effect’s intensity using the slider. The photo effects are fully customizable. It really is that easy!

Want to create an elegant black and white photo?

One of the most popular photos effects is the transformation of a color photo to black and white. Some might argue that this isn't really an effect since in the beginning photos didn’t have color. But because this is no longer the case, transforming your photos into black and white can actually be quite eye-catching and transform your special moments into something even more memorable.

  • What this photo effect does: Reduces the color saturation by removing all of the color from objects in the photo and easing it into structures and lines.
  • Ideal photo type: Pictures of architecture are great for this kind of transformation as well as portraits. Try it out yourself with a photo of a train station or your recent family portrait. Don't be afraid to try on other kinds of photos too!
  • Tip! If your original photo doesn't have proper white balance, this can easily corrected with the removal of colors which is another easy tool to use in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

How about going back in time?

If black and white is too simple for your taste, you can take your photos to a different era with a trendy "retro look" instead.

  • What this photo effect does: Reduces only part of a photo’s saturation by changing its hue. This often leads to the sepia effect but a light yellow or soft green can also be generated to create a mesmerizing photo effect.
  • Ideal photo type: Pictures of people are great for this effect. It creates an interesting contrast between the modern elements in the photo and the effect’s saturation that makes any viewer look twice!

Have you ever tried changing the Color Key?

In addition to reducing the colors in the entire photos, you can also retain the colors in specific parts of the image while reducing others. This effect is commonly used to keep the color red intact, such as to highlight lips or a red rose, while muting the other colors to create an image that truly stands out.

  • What the photo effect does: Colors of specific image elements are specially highlighted and the rest of the picture is "calmed" by the reducing the other colors. This is great for highlighting a certain part of an image that you want to bring attention to.
  • Ideal photo types: This photo effect is great for portraits as well as scenes such as streets and landscapes.

Want to create the perfect cover page?

Ever notice how perfect the models look on the cover of fashion magazines? As you probably already know, what you are actually seeing are the results of professional image editing. These same types of photo effects are possible with Photo & Graphic Designer from Xara. Just select the "Liquify" photo filter and use the brush and pressure settings to morph faces and bodies just like the pros. With just a few clicks you can remove a few pounds or skin blemishes and if you are feeling a bit more creative, you can go a step further and create hilarious caricatures by using the effect with extreme settings.

What the photo effect does: Enables you to morph faces, bodies, objects, etc. to create the exact look you want.
Ideal photo types: Portraits are the best types of photos for this photo effect.

Photo & Graphic Designer

Special photo effects with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Tons of other filters and editing options with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

In addition to the photo effects already mentioned, the program also offers many more photo filters. For example, you can make your photos look like oil paintings or create the impression of a miniature landscape. You can use any of these photo effects and filters together to create the perfect image. The best thing to do is try all the effects out for yourself to find what works best to create that perfect picture. No matter what kind of effect you want to add to your photo, Photo & Graphic Designer from Xara has the right tool for the job.

Curious about how these effects work? Try it yourself by downloading a trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer for free from the MAGIX website. See for yourself just how amazing your photos can look with these simple and easy-to-use photo effects!

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19
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